MOTW: Halloween 2021 – They All Fall Down Part 3

It seemed so simple at the start.

Travel through Hell, avoid the legion of the damned as they attempt to trade a pound of your flesh for a one way trip to Salvation, and infiltrate the Citadel; ground zero for all the pain and suffering that Hell can provide!

Who could have guessed it would have turned into a David Lynch nightmare maze?

Well, if you paid attention to Josh at all, you probably could have guessed.

Welcome to the finale of our Adventurific Halloween 2021 Special, and don’t worry my dear demented listener, there are plenty of blood and guts left to spill!

Join us as the Hunters dive deep into the bowels of the Citadel in search of the Pit, a magical pool of pure Hell magic, and the only way to stop Nina, the demon who put them in this mess in the first place!

And as they travel deeper into the fire, they might find the heat gets too hot for some members to handle…

So, decide what your soul is worth and remember to aim for the head, because on this Adventurific Finale, the bang we go out on will rock the afterlife for eons to come.

MOTW: Halloween 2021 – They All Fall Down Part 2

I know you might be scared after Part One, so I thought I’d open this description with a joke…

Things sure are heating up on the Second Part of our 2021 Halloween Special!

Get it?

On account of all the burning flesh?

You’re welcome.

Welcome to the Second Part of the Adventurific Halloween 2021 Special where things are just beginning to get SPOOKY!

Join our Heroes as they attempt to come to grips with their new lives of eternal damnation, oceans of fire, and a city of tortured souls, however, when a familiar face from the past devises a plan to escape this plane of endless suffering, they must gather what remains of their strength and head deep into the metropolis that houses the worst that Hell can produce.

It may just seem like a simple walk, but Hell has a way of making simple things a lot more… painful.

So open your first portal and serve up your favorite maggot because on the Second Part of the Adventurific Halloween 2021 Special, try to stay in one piece, or at least, bring some extra tape and staples!

MOTW: Halloween 2021 – They All Fall Down Part 1

Can you feel that, my dear listener?

That odd feeling in the air, where the once dead and buried, soon stir in the shallow grave they rest in?

Just waiting for the opportunity to drag their disintegrating corpse out of the abyss and bring terror to those still living?

Yeah, that’s right boys and ghouls, The Adventurific Podcast has returned! At least for the spooky season…

Join us this week as we kick off our 2021 Halloween special with another Monster of the Week adventure ran by the most terrifying, most despicable, most haunting to listen to: Josh!

This year, the returning group of Hunters travel deep into the bayous of Louisiana to attend a fancy dinner party at a mysterious hotel no one has ever heard of, hosted by Hell itself! And while that sounds scary enough, just you wait to see what the Legion of the Damned have in store for the after-dinner entertainment!

Trust me, no one will be the same after that final dinner bell has rung!

So, dress to the nines and remember to ask if the incidentals are free or not, because on Part One of this year’s Halloween Special, it’s all fun and trains until someone gets damned!

MOTW: S02E03 – What Happened to the Aurora 217 Part 3

There’s an old saying; “The softest voice in the darkness has often got the sharpest sword”.

I don’t know who said it but whoever it was, I bet they have quite a lot of experience with homicidal teenagers who been given ultimate knowledge and the most technologically advanced train this side of Niagara Falls!

And things only get darker from here on this week’s Adventurific as the Monster Hunters gather up what is left of their strength and face off against Unstable Daughter of the late Doctor Cerf as she literally bends space and time to her whim in order to kill off the last of her opposition and brings humanity to its knees! Will the Hunters be able to stop a threat that has no limits, no boundaries and most importantly, no head to shoot?!

See, I knew if you stuck with all of Josh’s shenanigans, this would all pay off! And to those of you who say that most of this still does not make any sense, well, all I can retort with is a desperate “Shut up” and “Please stop” followed promptly by a soft weeping…

So, hide away all those deep dark secrets and make sure to keep the afterlife in mind because on this spine tingling, reality bending conclusion to our Spring Special, I don’t care WHAT kind of powers you got, you can’t just fly away from all your problems!

MOTW: S02E02 – What Happened to the Aurora 217? Part 2

I know what you are thinking at this particular moment in time.

“I’m confused and there’s also train robbers now?”

First of all, you should have been taking notes, and second, trains are notoriously full of treats and treasures just ripe for the taking!

And there isn’t a juicier train around than the Aurora 217!

Join us this week as we continue indulging in Josh’s grotesque fantasies with our latest group of Monster Hunters coming to grips with the fact that their simple train ride has turned into a hijacking and one of their brains is suspiciously close to being forcibly removed and fired across the cabin like a Frisbee in a hurricane!

And while it may look like their only obstacle are ravenous Husks and a few twisted individuals in animal masks, the secrets travelling with them on this journey may prove to be the bigger threat after all!

Yes, listener, there IS a lot going on, but if you stay with me, I promise you will be thoroughly entertained, or severely disappointed in Josh.

“This is why Nick should be the DM.”

Shut up.

So, get your hands up and slowly slide your brains across the floor because on this week’s heart pounding continuation of our Spring Special, you either accept the rules that are laid out in front of you or risk getting microwaved to death!

MOTW: S02E01 – What Happened to the Aurora 217?

It’s the season for new beginnings. You know, where all things fresh and pure take over and there is a smell of annual renewal in the air. So why not celebrate the time of starting over by handing the reigns back to the last person on earth that should have them.

That’s right kiddos!

It’s time for another all original, home grown Josh Campaign!

I’ll call the fire department.

Join us this week as Josh drags the group kicking and screaming back into Monster of the Week as a new set of Monsters Hunters (and one returning face) are hired to investigate a potentially apocalyptic catastrophe on a mysterious cyber-train heading to the Great White North, the Aurora 217!

And while it all seems simple enough, a mysterious girl in their cabin, an overzealous trashcan, and an artificial conductor will soon show the Hunters that there are more things to be worried about then a spilled drink or a missing ticket! Things are going to get weird and when Josh is in charge, you know they are going to get weird in a hurry!

So, grab your taxidermy deer head and remember to keep your ears to yourself because on the first part of our 2021 Spring Special, there are a surprising amount of things looking to get into your skull, you best wear a helmet!

AI: Episode 58 – Something About Cabbages

So, we’ve been on a hot streak lately.

First and foremost, we killed it on that Honeypot.

Second, This whole adventure with saving Jayla and discovering Brightness’s secret plans.

Get outta town, it’s nothing but W’s!

So why not sit down with us on this week’s Adventurific as the fountain of success continues to produce!

Gather round as the Company makes some solid choices with the Zemphrim’s (Zhentarim’s) stolen map, make the clever choice to revisit the Druid Postal Service, and totally knock it out of the park when it comes to the business with Clive Brooks!

And why not treat ourselves with a visit to everyone’s favorite salesman, Pimm!?

You’re welcome.

So load up your barrel and remember to state your business because on this week’s prosperous episode of Adventurific, the only thing standing between here and the future is your own ineptitude!

AI: Episode 57 – Six on One, Halfling on Another

Have you cats noticed a pattern yet?

When the Company is 100% in charge of planning and execution, its a mess and usually someone ends up dead.

When Jayla comes ups up with a plan, suddenly Skip is pretending to be her and she’s uncomfortable and Tally’s got her boobs out and everything is all over the place…

What was my point again?


Welcome to this week’s Adventurific!

Follow along as the Company dives head first into that sweet, sweet honeypot in an attempt to seduce the mysterious squad of Zephirum (Zhentarim) that has so foolishly fallen into our trap, like flies…to more honey.

Also while that is going on, Quint and Bob are pulling a side job that may seem like a fruitless endeavor, at least compared to the one involving Jayla bringing her best game, but may actually prove way more valuable than any of us could have ever dreamed!

There’s so much happening, It’s hard to keep up!

So, try to keep cool next to all that hay and remember not to be too eager because on this week’s voluptuous episode of Adventurific, it’s hard work being this beautiful, maybe you should try it sometime.

AI: Episode 56 – 6/10

Alright, I’ll be the first to admit, last week got a little bit hectic.

Opinions differed and caused a mass failure in communication which in turn allowed our resident Changeling to bleed out on the dirty floor of some up and coming farmland’s only watering hole.

That’s why we were told by the bosses upstairs that in the interest of our shareholders and Josh’s ludicrously self-serving contract; it’s either we put someone in charge who can actually herd all these cats or Nick must send in those feet pictures he’s always going on about.

It’s time once again for a brand new Adventurtific and this week, Jayla FINALLY stops moping and attempts to whip these sorry excuses for soldiers into something that can only vaguely be referred to as a “shape”.

Follow along as the Company is split into two equally important teams, one to continue the stake out, keeping an extra close eye out for the squad of Zephirum and the other to clean up all the messes from the previous day.

There’s a lot to do there so it’s best not waste anymore of your time and we’ll let you get to the show…

Just remember to keep a look out for any overtly tall transients and apologies best start with a admittance of wrongdoing because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, Jayla seems more fed up than she usually does…

I’d listen to her if you value your bones.

AI: Episode 55 – The Brisket Heard ‘Round the World

Picture this, if you will.

It’s a peaceful cool morning. The birds are chirping, the flowers is shaking off the dew from the night and on the horizon, you see a large shape.

It seems like some sort of vessel, but water is nowhere near here.

And it’s a hundred feet in the air.

You swallow that last sip of coffee.

Your day is about to get a WHOLE lot more interesting.

Welcome to this week’s Adventurific where the quaint village of Daggerford attempts to weather a storm called “The Idiots from The Coal Chute Busting into their Once Quiet Town and Raising One Hell of a Stupor”!

Join us as the Company breaks new ground in this once peaceful farming community by breaking laws (Skip), breaking social norms (Also Skip), and most importantly, breaking tables by putting Halflings through them (Won’t spoil it, but also Skip) and by the end of this episode, someone is going to need some SERIOUS medical attention…

Just guess who.

So, grab a fresh flyer and remember to put on your best face because on this week’s tension filled episode of Adventurific, there’s some hands to be thrown, lines to be crossed, and the one left lying in his own blood probably had it coming anyway.

AI: Episode 54 – Bet You I Can Throw This Thermos Over Them Mountains


Josh’s Mic is still pooped, but due to the way we record, it’s the last one. I promise! Please enjoy.

On this week’s terror inducing episode of Adventurific, the Company FINALLY puts their info gathering plan into action and learn a pretty important thing or two about what the HELL is going on with this dang old prisoner exchange!

Which is fantastic!

And Skip dives into a good book.

Which is also fantastic!

What isn’t fantastic is when your insubordinate crew chooses to ignore DIRECT orders and worst of all, just YEETS your thermos off the ship.

That really sours things.

So, do some reading about the seagull’s motivation to steal things but please do remember to put the books back where you found it because on this week’s informative episode of Adventurific, exhaustion is only a state of mind!

AI: Episode 53 – The Bird, the Magnetic Halfling, and the Incredible Shrinking Changling


While we here at Adventurific have the most sophisticated and thorough double checking procedure, we all make mistakes.

It appears Josh’s microphone was mysteriously switched off at the beginning of the show, so his audio is going to be a little rough.

Thankfully for all of us, he doesn’t have an inside voice.

Rest assured that if we had a time machine, or some sort of trans-dimensional communication device, this problem would have been already solved.

Welcome to this week’s brand new Adventurific where everything works perfectly. On this week’s show, the Company gather with some newfound allies in the alley behind the Bean Refinery to discuss just how the hell are they suppose to figure out where that dang ol’ prisoner cart was going and maybe more importantly, just who was going to pick the darn thing up!

And as the Harpers will quickly discover, when we are in charge of coming up with a plan, there’s going to be nothing but tangents and poorly thought out suggestions. So grab your biggest magnets, and make sure to drink the ENTIRE shrinking potion because on this week’s perfectly recorded episode of Adventurific, when you spend this much time messing around in a vacant lot, its absolutely time well spent!

AI: Episode 52 – Mom! Quit Harping!

How about that, folks?

We just got back and we are already making waves!

Ah, who are we kidding.

Spew enough nonsense into a microphone and eventually some plot is about to happen.

Take this week’s episode of Adventurific for example. In this episode, the Company head into Waterdeep proper to figure out what to do about the prisoner exchange and the mysterious recipients of said prisoners.

Hopefully, it involves less torture, but I’m not here to tell anyone what to do.

Also, Skip reaches out to a familiar middleman with the hopes of getting a hand with all the plates he is currently spinning.

Should be easy seeing how charming Skip is when he is panicking and I’m sure they DEFINITELY won’t ask for anything insane in return.

So, remember to just stop in to say “hi” and just follow the dark hallway all the way ‘til the end because on this brand new episode of Adventurific, the best way to get results is to call in the experts, and they aren’t in the business of doing things for free!

AI: Episode 51 – So…We Crossed a Line

Hold on, lemme just get all this dust of the old Description Writer-a-tron 3500b.

There we go, now let’s see if all this time off made its vastly underappreciated talent any more noticeable…

Welcome back everyone to a BRAND NEW season of Adventurific where the laughs are cheap and the moral compass is more of suggestion than anything else.

Join us this week as the Company attempts to make sense of all the betrayal and turn of events that has everyone on board the Soggy Clam reeling!

Well mostly Jayla, but that’s understood, seeing how EVERYTHING SHE BELIEVED IN MOST HAS TURNED ON HER!

And now, to make matters worse; Connie, Fil, and Quint are about to have a word with the prisoner and I’ve got a feeling that they may take it a little too far.

Don’t worry, Phil’s a doctor, so it’ll only hurt for a minute…

So put down a fresh mat and remember to bring plenty of seltzer water for the stains because on the Season Four Premiere of Adventurific, we are rolling up our sleeves and going full medieval!

AI: Episode 50 – The One Where Sam and Diane Kiss

It all started at that bar.

A group of strangers came together from faraway lands, hoping for a fresh start, answers to questions, and a getaway from past mistakes.

They banned together to build something great and in turn what they found lying just beneath the surface was something much greater than they could’ve ever dreamed.

They found hope; hope that they could become more than what the world expected them to be.

They found family, with each person making up a collective team that was unstoppable.

They found that Norm, despite his constant put downs, really does care for his wife.

And who could forget Woody, sweet naïve Woody.

Yes, the gang over at Cheers really became something special.

Meanwhile, over on Adventurific, this group of jackasses just opened up a can of worms so big that there’s no way anything will ever be the same again!

Join us on the season finale of Adventurific as the Company continues to go toe to toe with the Aegis Initiative in order to save Jayla from a corrupt official they once trusted! It’s not going to be easy, so good thing no one is just winging it!

So grab the largest can of wasp repellent you got on you and remember not to give away too much information because on the Season Finale of Adventurific, we’re giving it all we got and we aren’t going down without a fight!

AI: Episode 49 – What Does the Fox Say?

Can you feel the tension?

There are SO many things that could go wrong right now, that at any moment, everything could fall apart and the gig is up…

And just like that, Skip is dead.

I mean, someone might mourn him, but let’s be real, the loss of Jayla would probably hit WAY harder.

Join us this week on Adventurific as the Company continues to walk the razor’s edge as their plan to break Jayla out of a prisoner caravan on its way to Waterdeep trudges on with Skip becoming a social outcast, Quint making big moves, and Tally going all out with those dope druid abilities!

I know that is really vague, but if I spoiled it here, you’d REALLY be missing out!

So, grab some alone time and stay low in the grass because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, everyone has a plan until the arctic fox shows up!

AI: Episode 48 – It’s Cool, I’ve Got a Note

There’s a phrase that is sometimes thrown around…

“Out of one’s depth”

And never in all my years, have I seen a phrase encompass an entire episode as well as it does for this week’s episode of Adventurific.

I mean, there are battle hardened bandits that don’t have the stones to ATTEMPT what the Company is trying to pull off! Sneak into the keep disguised as one of their own? Yeah, right. Find your friend AND blend into the trained guards? Get out of town. Stalk the secret caravan with the TOTALLY inconspicuous flying ship? Absolutely NOT!

There’s no WAY this is going to work…

Well, it might, but you are just going to have to listen to see what happens…

So keep your ears open for the secret bird call and don’t forget to keep an eye out for sneaky Changelings because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, you might find comfort in knowing that Skip is the ONLY one in any REAL danger…

AI: Episode 47 – In Comes Fanny

Okay, so we got a plan.

Sort of.

And that plan requires A LOT of trust, the breaking of said trust and getting our hands dirty with the wrong sort of people.

But hey, that is what happens when you put Baby in the corner.

Join us on this week’s Adventurific as the Baby (that’s us) has a sit down with one Clive Brooks (he’s the wrong sort of people) to get some intel on Brightness’s nefarious deeds and make a deal that for surely won’t put Skip into any sort of precarious position down the line.

Then it is about time to put all the chips we got left on the table and come up with some sort of plan to save Jayla.

Yeah, it’s one of those episodes…

So, come up with some badass nickname for yourself, and don’t forget to hand over ALL your weapons because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, the difference between “ingenious” and “insanity” all comes down to the preparations!

AI: Episode 46 – You’re Going to Want to Take Notes

Alright, we’ve said it before, but now we REALLY mean it! No more lies, lying or general fibbing!

We are sick of all the cloak and/or daggering that’s been happening around Fireshire, and it’s about time we cut through all the nonsense, clear off the tables, and get some honest to God, real, and truthful answers! That’s right, on this week on Adventurific, we’re confronting Brightness!

Join us this week as the Company comes to some serious conclusions about the head of the Aegis Initiative and decides to go to the source to clear up any misconceptions about who’s side she is really on! I’m sure it will lead to a meaningful discussion and won’t make ANYTHING worse.

Also, Skip does something stupid, but he follows it up with an exposé that is actually pretty important to the future goals of the group!

Way to go, Skip!

So locate your favorite bottle of Halfling wine and drop and give me twenty because on this week’s post Halloween episode of Adventurific; secrets, secrets hurt someone; secrets, secrets are no fun!

Halloween 2020: The Tale of Sunset Valley Part II

The pumpkins may be wilting, and that masked creature has returned to its resting place at the bottom of Blood Lake, but Adventurific has one last scare in store with part two of our Halloween 2020 adventure!

Come along this week as the monster hunters continue to explore the mysterious theme park known as Sunset Valley and where they once were tasked with simply unraveling the mysteries behind this strange and deadly amusement park, they are now just trying to get out alive! Will they successfully conquer the many horrors that wait around every corner or will their lifeless corpses soon join the ones that make up the foundation of the park?

You will have to listen to find out…that is to say… if you are BRAVE enough! So gather what courage you have left and pick the next ride on the map, because on this week’s Adventurific Halloween 2020 finale, you might want to stop the ride to get off, but that might attract something MUCH worse!

Halloween 2020: The Tale of Sunset Valley Part I

The blood moon has risen, and the creatures of the night are out stalking the living, so why not treat your soul to the most hair raising, most evil, most spine chilling adventure this side of the Bermuda Triangle: The 2020 Adventurific Halloween Special! Join us this year as our local loudmouth, Josh, takes the reigns and leads our intrepid monster hunters through one of the most twisted campaigns ever deceived by man! Follow along as the team ventures into the long-abandoned amusement park known only as Sunset Valley hoping to discover the mysteries that lie within! As simple and fun as that sounds, be warned dear listener, the horrors that haunt this place may have been better off left undisturbed! Will they be able to fight the evils back that thirst for human flesh and escape, or will their souls be forever trapped within these hallowed grounds? There is only one way to find out, and unfortunately for you, it’s the SCARIEST way we got!

So grab your VIP wristband and make sure you bring enough tokens because on this year’s Adventurific Halloween Special, whoever came up with the idea that this is “The Happiest Place on Earth” deserves to be locked in here with us!

AI: Episode 45 – This Is Fine

Back from their harrowing adventure on the high seas, our heroes are falling back into their regular, boring routine. Nothing strange, no mental breakdowns, and certainly no shattering of trusted friendships.

Great. Well…I guess we can all just relax, light up some flobweed, and make some small talk for 30 minutes. So, grab a cup of your best Halfling wine and don’t forget to bring your new shield, because on this week’s Adventurific, we’re advancing the plot!


Recorded 10/16/20 at 12:18 a.m.
Danielle reading the episode recap after we lost Episode 44: The Letter, The Lover and the Tortle That Cared Too Much
Please edit out the back half of this recording, HE got into the booth and I do not want to hear his voice right now.

AI: Episode 43 – Glovey Boots 2: Booty Gloves

Ever had one of those vacations where it was such an unmitigated disaster that the journey home feels like it takes a million years, and you’d sacrifice every one of your friends’ souls to an unholy demigod just to sleep in your own bed again? Yeah, its about time we head back to Fireshear…

Join us this week on a brand new episode of Adventurific as the intrepid Company hauls anchor and leaves that ramshackle death box known as Shark…Darkrim… is it Carpkin Scoop? Whatever, we pack up and leave that shit hole in the dust.

Not to worry, dear listener. There’s plenty waiting for us back in Fireshear, such as a bar that needs checking in on, Quint and Trundle need to do some shopping slash arguing with an old man, and Skip’s got a package waiting for him! Don’t worry, Tally also has stuff going on, like maybe a little bit of backstory…perhaps? How’s that for a hook?

So grab your Booty and find its matching Glove, because on this week’s Adventurific, you’re going to learn some real mind blowing stuff about trees and if you’ve ever peed on one, you’re not going to like it!

AI: Episode 42 – Quint Measuring Contest

Alright, I was instructed by Legal that I need to apologize for my comments in last week description.

Giraffes are not “God’s Mistakes” or “poorly constructed horses”; they are quality animals.

Not like Beavers, those over achieving water squirrels. Get a dental plan, you flat tailed chainsaws!

What was I talking about?

Oh, yeah, this week’s episode of Adventurific.

This week, the Company makes tracks to the local watering hole to see a man about a tattoo, Quint gets into it with a rival captain (for obvious reasons), and when the security of the ship is compromised Skip gets all “Maximum Effort” for whatever reason!

I have no idea why, but does anyone here really understand why Skip does anything he does?

I didn’t think so.

So belly up to the bar and remember not to wake the tortle because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, it would be REALLY helpful if you stopped stabbing the Changling!

AI: Episode 41 – Put the Rest on a Gift Card

I’ve got to ask, does anyone actually read these things? Like, could I type anything here and no one would ever notice?

Let’s find out…

Welcome to Adventurific!

On this week’s episode, The Company has a nice little chat about our newly acquired level ups, have a nice little shopping spree over at The Bone Collector and Skip has a nice little lesson about how to talk to people of otherworldly authority!

All in all, it’s a nice little episode!

I’ve never trusted giraffes.

I feel like they are just poorly constructed horses and no one has the guts to admit God made a mistake.

So remember to budget accordingly and speak loudly, yet clearly into the stone because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, if I buy more than 3 skeletons, can I get a discount?

AI: Episode 40 – Anyway, We Delivered the Bomb

Holy Biscuits!

Can you actually BELIEVE that this ramshackle crew of ding dongs actually MANAGED to escape the likes of an adult kraken AND on top of that, fly their ship all the way to safety while it was LITERALLY falling apart around them?

I can’t and I was there!

Well, hold on to those socks because the list of things we are capable of will only get longer on this week’s Adventurific as the Company sets foot into the pirate sanctuary of Sharkskin cove!

That’s right! An entire town for pirates! Who would have guessed that was even possible?!

It’s now up to Quint to pull up all his old Seaman™ trainin and not only keep us out of trouble, but also get on the good graces of the Pirate Queen herself!

Tough act for some, but there’s no one slicker than Quint Strideshaw.

So pack your “Orc to Common” translation guide, and remember who you’re talking to, because on this week’s Adventurific, DO NOT get that stuff on your skin, it will burn STRAIGHT through to the bone!

AI: Episode 39 – Man’s Dilemma

Okay, let’s be serious for a second.

There’s been a little tension with a few members of the Company lately. It’s nothing serious, no one got hurt, but there needs to be a dialog before this goes too far…

Yeah you got it; someone’s getting yelled at this week…

Tune in to this much needed episode of Adventurific as the only one who knows how to run a boat correctly takes issue with the only one who knows how to reset his own thumb after he dislocates it messing around. Also, because that wasn’t exciting enough, all of us learn the limits of the Soggy Clam and you can bet your ass we’re going to push this baby as far as she can go!

Yeah, no, it’s nothing but positive vibes over here.

So, remember who got you what you have and don’t look at that shape following us, because on this week’s Adventurific, I don’t care what happens, no one is allowed to do a Scotty from “Star Trek”” impression! I mean it.

AI: Episode 38 – Here’s to Swimming With Bear Legged Women

Holy biscuits!

I bet you, the listener, weren’t expecting that!

Of all things to happen on a boat, I’m certain NONE of you were ready for the blatant abuse of captain authority, let alone the mistreatment of an innocent changeling!

Yeah, we here at Adventurific like to keep things spicy, so good luck keeping up with all our twists and turns!

Also, see Kraken

Tune in this week as the Company grapples with the monstrous sea beast that seems to have a decent hold on our ship, Tally learns the powers hidden within the frigid ursidae, and Quint struggles with the moral responsibility of keeping the boat from sinking! That and drowning, nobody likes to drown. So, pray that the polar ice caps don’t melt and remember to wear eye protection because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, there’s always a bigger fish…

AI: Episode 37 – Little Shakin’, Little Tenderizin

We’ve all had job’s we’ve hated, mostly because they involve taking orders from people who think they are bigger than they really are. They’ll push you around, they’ll try to belittle you, and they will most certainly always blame you when something goes wrong, but no matter how frustrating that can be, just remember one thing. There’s always a bigger threat waiting to swallow you whole, and it’s probably closer than you think.

Dial back the ominous foreshadowing because it’s time for a brand new Adventurific! Come along this week as the Company investigates a mysterious smoke plume on the horizon, Skip gets a little too excited and prematurely pops off, and Tally flies higher than she’s ever flown before!

Boy howdy, I wish I could adequately tease what happens on today’s episode but there’s just no way I could properly capture the intensity! So put on your swimsuit and remember to wear a cup because on this week’s Adventurific, something lurks beneath the safety of the Soggy Clam and it has no time for insubordination!

AI: Episode 36 – Like the Hindenburg, but With More Wet

So you’ve chosen to flee. You decided that’s what’s best for your well being and the betterment of those around you, is that you are simply not around.

Make a break for it, so to speak. Sure you can run, but there’s only so far you can get. Trouble may just be able to find you anywhere.

Anchors up and all aboard on this week’s Adventurific as the Company wraps up their business in Waterdeep and set sail back into that deep blue sea! Tune in as Quint attempts to herd cats, Tally tries to keep us on course, Skip does his best, and they all discover what mysteries lies beneath the waves in a tale abroad no one could ever see coming!

Well, maybe you could, if you were, like, a mind wizard or whatever…

So batten down the hatches and remember to keep a firm grip on your valuables in the chop because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, we go up! NOW!

AI: Episode 35 – Mom and Pop, Stop

There’s a certain kind of look that only parents seem to have. The one that says “I’ll always love you more than the stars in the sky”, but at the same time screams, “Holy hell, my biggest regret is that I taught you to swim because I would have tossed you in the river YEARS ago”.

Skip has seen that look A LOT.

And now, thanks to this week’s Adventurific, you get hear this kind of family interactions LIVE (i.e. pre-recorded).

Join us as the Company has to sit through one of THOSE dinners, Jayla and Skip switch dynamics for a hot minute, we dig further into the mystery of Kai Goowin, and Quint rounds out the rest of his crew with someone he should have hired back in Fireshire! Who knew you needed so many people to run a flying warship? So take a pull of the Goowin brew, and be careful on your way out of the window, because on this week’s Adventurific, regret is a strong word, but I should have asked your Dad to wear a condom after number 3!

AI: Episode 34 – Mom and Pop Stop

They say “home is where the heart is”, but what that means in the grand scheme of things is a mystery to most. It could mean that you are never free of where you grew up, and no matter how hard you try, it’ll always be calling you back. Maybe it means that all of the most important decisions usually tend to lay close to home. Or maybe, it’s just some bullshit that losers say when you leave them in the dust…

Whatever it means, you better be ready for a brand new Adventurific! This week, The Company makes it to the wondrous port town of Waterdeep, and they’ve already been called into a meeting with the big dogs over at AI and there’s more at stake than just their livelihoods! Let’s hope it goes well, Skip would hate to move back home…FORESHADOWING! So, put on your good tie and don’t talk with your mouth full because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, it’s all hardcore negotiations and down home comfort!

AI: Episode 33 – The Maidan Voyage of the Soggy Clam

The fresh salt air melts your cheeks. The roaring waves send your stomach into a tailspin. All of the hell you go through for a hot meal and a place to rest your head, was it worth it? Probably not, considering that a bunch of assholes were just GIVEN a flying warship and are in no position to keep it afloat. Pull up the anchor because it’s time for a new episode of Adventurific! We had the choice to stay on land, but thanks to our thirst for adventure, we are now stuck on this GODFORSAKEN boat with a Captain who has yet to even learn how to fly the boat, a hapless crew of scabs, and a Changling who has cut his arms to ribbons on the harpoons. We are NOT going to survive the trip to Waterdeep. So, hoist the sails and hide the biscuits from that ball-busting Captain because its high seas adventure on this week’s Adventurific and we’re going to need all hands on deck!

AI: Episode 32 – Sorrrrrrbin

Ever feel like getting away? Like far away from all the nonsense that surrounds you, the stresses the cloud your every thought, and potential lawsuits that are just plain frivolous and unnecessary? Yeah, it’s time for a vacation.

Join us this week on Adventurific as the Company prepares for their WELL DESERVED R&R by taking care of some business like hiring some fresh blood to pick up the slack, grabbing some much needed supplies at Pimm’s, and most importantly, throwing down at the Coal Chute’s world famous Fight Night! Yeah, its one of those episodes…

So, grab your teeth from the bucket, and remember to haggle, because on this weeks episode Adventurific, the man, the myth, the legend RETURNS…

AI: Episode 31 – Put on Your Boss Pants

Every once in a while, you might be required to put in more effort than you feel is required. I know that sounds insane, but you may be asked to step up, make the big choices, and act like the big person you should be by now in your life.

Welcome to this week’s Adventurific, where responsibility, critical thinking, and tough choices coalesce into a fine paste that I only ask you take ONE bite of. On today’s show, Skip must put on his manager face and hire some new blood at the Chute, Tally has her hands full with a ding dong who can’t take a hint, and Quint does merciless things to our new flying ship. We will probably have to burn it later just to get the stains out…

So shine your shoes and remember to act like you want to be there, because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, why don’t you give me three of your weaknesses and one better not be “I care TOO much”!

TFTL: Episode 19 – Summer Camp Part II: What Lies Beneath the Lake

Camp can be a tough thing for a child to deal with. It’s a new place, with unfamiliar faces who boss around, making them do nonsense activities all for the amusements of lazy counselors who would MUCH rather be smoking dope and literally doing anything else. Now take that and pile on a mysterious shape at the bottom of the lake, multiplied by the fact it’s in Moody River. Things are about to get REALLY strange on this week’s Adventurific as the Gang from Moody River continues enjoying their summer vacation at Camp WannaMcGuffin, all while attempting to discover whatever secrets the lake holds. However, there’s always more hidden in the shadows and things are about to get truly, truly outrageous for the Gang, let’s just hope they can handle it! So grab your bow and make sure not to play with fire because on this week’s Tales from the Loop finale, you never know what’s out there in the darkness until it gets you first!

TFTL: Episode 18 – Summer Camp

Thank the stars school is FINALLY over and lucky for you, your grades weren’t that bad, so what better reward for your hard work than a trip to the bug infested, ungodly hot and all around uncomfortable great woods of Moody River, Minnesota!

That’s right! We’re diving back into Tales from the Loop! Join us as Teddy and Chester begin their summer vacation at Camp Wannamaguffin, with Kitty and Dwight keeping a close eye on them as official Camp Counselors! However, just like most camps in the 80’s, not everything is as peaceful as it seems and a sinister secret haunts these woods, and there are more things to worry about than just Teddy with a bow and arrow!

So, pack your bag and don’t forget the bug spray because on this week on Adventurific, you’re heading to Summer Camp!

AI: Episode 30 – Beef Oven

In the vast sea of history, there can be a lot of variables to contend with. A strong push or pull in a direction you might not agree with but are forced to follow. You are merely a passenger on a ship being dragged out further than you ever wished to journey.

You are stuck.

However, sometimes, if you choose, you can be in control. Sometimes, you can be the captain… If you are willing to take the keys…

Join us this week on a brand new Adventurific as Quint grapples with his duties for destiny, we welcome a new member into the Coal Chute family, and Tally struggles with the responsibility of upper management especially when the employee couldn’t find the sun with a map.

It’s going to be a long shift at the Chute tonight. So, grab the most authoritarian looking hat, and make sure to feed and walk your new friend, because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, if he piddles on the floor, you’ll be the one to clean it up!

AI: Episode 29 – Is This What Success Looks Like?

You’re in a tight spot. You’ve spent so much time and effort getting to your peak that you have no time life to think of an exit strategy if it all goes to hell. It’ll all crumble around you and you’ll just be standing there holding the shattered pieces of your dreams thinking “how could I have stopped this?”. Here’s the thing; you couldn’t…see where I’m going with this? Join us this week on Adventurific as Skip’s choices finally come home to roost, Quint feels harder than he’s ever felt before, and Tally makes a positive D.I.Y. choice while her friends suffer. What else is new? So bite the leather and don’t let them get to you, because on this week’s brand new episode of Adventurific, you know the old saying; “What goes up…” yadda yadda, everything works out or something like that…

AI: Episode 28 – That Kind of Breakup

Man, its been a spell, hasn’t it? Get it? “Spell”, like one a wizard would do?

Yeah, Adventurific is back.

Join us this week on as the Company rebounds from their day in court, figures out what the future holds for a newly acquitted group of ne’er-do-wells, and Skip has to make the difficult decision on whether or not to burn a bridge to save his own skin! I’m sure he’ll make the right call, especially because he has a perfect track record when it comes to these sort of things. So dust off your earbuds and prepare for the worst, because on this glorious return for Adventurific, there’s train wrecks, and then there’s Skip Goowin!

AI: Episode 27 – Your Day in Court

Only once in a great while does a simple disagreement between parties stir up such a fervor in a quaint snow covered town that all life as we know it comes to a standstill to await the outcome. This is definitely not that sort of trial. However, on this week’s episode of Adventurific, the future of our rambunctious entrepreneurs hangs in the balance as the trial of Deewee vs. Acquisitions Incorporated finally begins! Can the company successfully bob and weave between the misguided accusations of the angry prosecution, or will all their past indiscretions finally catch up with them and bring an end to all they’ve built? It’s probably the most intense small claims suit you’ve ever heard! So speak clearly into the mic and answer to the best of your knowledge because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, you’re innocent until the DM decides otherwise!

AI: Episode 26 – My Cousin Quinty

Listen, DOOM Eternal just came out and I feel like we shouldn’t be away from each other, so I’m going to make this quick…

Welcome to this week’s Adventurific! On today’s episode, Quint and Marco make a quick pit stop to the Deewee residence, some of us get a little too turned up the night before, and we get prepped for what shall now be known as “The Trial of This Particular Morning” Everybody laughed…

So hitch up your lawyering pants and DOOM Eternal because on this week’s Adventurific, I’m going to go play DOOM Eternal. Enjoy!

AI: Episode 25 – Lawyer? I Hardly Know Her!

What’s that stupid saying only nerds tell you because they’re weak? “Honesty is the best policy”? No, no, my strange naive friend. Honest is only best when you can’t get the best lawyers corporate money can buy. Isn’t the judicial system fantastic? Join us this week on a brand new episode of Adventurific as a godsend with a briefcase arrives at the bar, and the Company begins building a flawless strategy against the looming case against the Deewee’s, Skip decides to dig himself a little deeper by taking a meeting with the LAST PERSON he should be messing with, and follows that with pulling the rug out from under that only people that can keep him alive! Yeah, he’s not really good at this critical thinking thing… So, have you or someone you know been diagnosed with mesothelioma after listening OTHER D&D podcasts; please call now because you might be entitled to this week’s episode of Advenurific!

AI: Episode 24 – Take a Look, Quint’s in a Book…

So…you’ve made a deal with a demon. It’s a pretty simple transaction, they give you whatever your heart desires, and in return, you unwittingly give up an essential part of yourself and, more than likely, unknowingly agree to be a part of whatever unholy pact that demon demands. See? Simple. Join us this week on a brand new episode of Adventurific as Skip gets EXACTLY what he was looking for, but maybe not in the condition he expected, Quint does what he does best and reaches out to the AI legal department, and later joins Tally on a very fulfilling and worthwhile trip to the local library! Remember kids, reading a book is the BEST way to get the knowledge needed to discover new lands AND drain all the blood from your enemies! So grab the name tags and remember that Skip is technically a few centimeters taller because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, security guards are not technically cops and you don’t have to listen to them!

AI: Episode 23 – Pazuzu? Pazuzu. Pazuzu!

While you are sitting on a plane heading to Chicago, there’s some time to think about stuff. Not a lot of time, but just enough. Like, when our eclectic bunch of entrepreneurs first got together, there were simple plans of owning a bar, perhaps some petty crime, maybe even a few light scrap ups with some rabblerousers. Nothing too complicated. However, with this brand new episode of Adventurific, things start taking a wild turn for the weird. Join us this week as we attempt to keep Bob out of harms way, learn a new word that carries more weight then any of us have the strength to endure, and Skip puts another coin in the “Stupid Decision” jar that seems to be overflowing as it is! Trust me, this one will TOTALLY work out, though… So, lower that knife and say that name three times because this week, it’s SHOWTIME!

AI: Episode 22 – What We Stab in the Shadows

Sometimes in life you need to make a call on whether or not a grudge is worth keeping, or if you are better off setting your differences aside for the greater good. It’s a tough call, sure, but if you let that hate build up, the resulting release may spell more trouble than it’s worth! You hear that, Nick? You are beneath me. Join us this week on Adventurific as the search for Jayla continues! However, as simple as i was figuring out WHERE she was being held, getting her out in one piece may be a bigger challenge than once thought. Don’t worry, Skip is fully torqued, Tally is as bright as ever, and Quint knows how to get around unnoticed, but this time, he may not be alone in those shadows… So wire up those jaws and start blending your meals because on this week’s HELL-RAISING episode of Adventurific, we are going for that sweet first round TKO!

AI: Episode 21 – IT’S DO-NUT TIME!

So look who came crawling back. It’s not like us to hold a grudge or anything, but we would like to bask in this moral superiority for a bit longer. …

Okay, that’s enough.

Welcome to this week’s episode of Adventurific! After last week’s EXPLOSIVE and SURPRISING revelation from the once thought best friend group of local authorities, it appears that those dang old double-crossers now need the detective skills of our intrepid heroes to track down Jayla after she mysteriously disappeared while on a quest to track down a Dark Wizard with a heart of gold for us. Why do we need one of those? Not important, move on. Can our Company of super sleuths uncover what happened to everyone’s favorite hardass? They might but it’ll take a brief trip to a mystical part of the city few dare to enter, and even less come back from alive! So grab yourself a freshly baked breakfast pastry, and whisper your deepest, darkest secret into your left palm because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, some of us may be willing to pay out the nose to avoid getting our hands dirty!

AI: Episode 20 – Haricots Renversés

Being honest with your friends is important. It’s the foundation to earning trust, building better relationships, and creating an environments for positive growth and enrichment. Plus, liars are real pieces of dragon dung who can rot in the deepest pits of the Under Dark for all I care. When this BRAND NEW episode of Adventurific comes out, you’ll see what I mean. Especially when Skip, Quint and Tally finally come clean with Brightness about what’s been going on in her city, have a heart to heart with Jayla, Bob, and Prometheus, and get a startling piece of news that will change EVERYTHING we’ve come to expect with how this city is ran! And, don’t give me any of that crap about how the rest of us haven’t STOPPED lying in 146 episodes, because that is all nonsense and I will deny it up and down! So it’s time to come clean and start being honest because in this episode of Adventurific, we are DONE being played like a bunch of out of town yokels!

AI: Episode 19 – Quint Pro Quo

Ever been stuck in a situation, that no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to get through it? Like, no matter how much effort you put into it, it’s like spinning your wheels in the wet Minnesotan snow, with no headway getting made. Ever. This is what today’s episode of Adventurific is all about. Join us this week as Tally attempts to put makeup on a pig, Skip and Quint try to make peace with someone who is WAY out of their league, and they come up with a plan so insane that it actually careens back into the realm of logical! It’s actually so awesome that I consider it one of our personal best…and that ain’t saying much! So grab your finest hard hat and find your favorite brick wall, because on this episode of Adventurific, you just can’t get blood from a stone!