AI: Episode 33 – The Maidan Voyage of the Soggy Clam

The fresh salt air melts your cheeks. The roaring waves send your stomach into a tailspin. All of the hell you go through for a hot meal and a place to rest your head, was it worth it? Probably not, considering that a bunch of assholes were just GIVEN a flying warship and are in no position to keep it afloat. Pull up the anchor because it’s time for a new episode of Adventurific! We had the choice to stay on land, but thanks to our thirst for adventure, we are now stuck on this GODFORSAKEN boat with a Captain who has yet to even learn how to fly the boat, a hapless crew of scabs, and a Changling who has cut his arms to ribbons on the harpoons. We are NOT going to survive the trip to Waterdeep. So, hoist the sails and hide the biscuits from that ball-busting Captain because its high seas adventure on this week’s Adventurific and we’re going to need all hands on deck!