AI: Episode 58 – Something About Cabbages

So, we’ve been on a hot streak lately.

First and foremost, we killed it on that Honeypot.

Second, This whole adventure with saving Jayla and discovering Brightness’s secret plans.

Get outta town, it’s nothing but W’s!

So why not sit down with us on this week’s Adventurific as the fountain of success continues to produce!

Gather round as the Company makes some solid choices with the Zemphrim’s (Zhentarim’s) stolen map, make the clever choice to revisit the Druid Postal Service, and totally knock it out of the park when it comes to the business with Clive Brooks!

And why not treat ourselves with a visit to everyone’s favorite salesman, Pimm!?

You’re welcome.

So load up your barrel and remember to state your business because on this week’s prosperous episode of Adventurific, the only thing standing between here and the future is your own ineptitude!