AI: Episode 54 – Bet You I Can Throw This Thermos Over Them Mountains


Josh’s Mic is still pooped, but due to the way we record, it’s the last one. I promise! Please enjoy.

On this week’s terror inducing episode of Adventurific, the Company FINALLY puts their info gathering plan into action and learn a pretty important thing or two about what the HELL is going on with this dang old prisoner exchange!

Which is fantastic!

And Skip dives into a good book.

Which is also fantastic!

What isn’t fantastic is when your insubordinate crew chooses to ignore DIRECT orders and worst of all, just YEETS your thermos off the ship.

That really sours things.

So, do some reading about the seagull’s motivation to steal things but please do remember to put the books back where you found it because on this week’s informative episode of Adventurific, exhaustion is only a state of mind!