AI: Episode 56 – 6/10

Alright, I’ll be the first to admit, last week got a little bit hectic.

Opinions differed and caused a mass failure in communication which in turn allowed our resident Changeling to bleed out on the dirty floor of some up and coming farmland’s only watering hole.

That’s why we were told by the bosses upstairs that in the interest of our shareholders and Josh’s ludicrously self-serving contract; it’s either we put someone in charge who can actually herd all these cats or Nick must send in those feet pictures he’s always going on about.

It’s time once again for a brand new Adventurtific and this week, Jayla FINALLY stops moping and attempts to whip these sorry excuses for soldiers into something that can only vaguely be referred to as a “shape”.

Follow along as the Company is split into two equally important teams, one to continue the stake out, keeping an extra close eye out for the squad of Zephirum and the other to clean up all the messes from the previous day.

There’s a lot to do there so it’s best not waste anymore of your time and we’ll let you get to the show…

Just remember to keep a look out for any overtly tall transients and apologies best start with a admittance of wrongdoing because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, Jayla seems more fed up than she usually does…

I’d listen to her if you value your bones.