AI: Episode 40 – Anyway, We Delivered the Bomb

Holy Biscuits!

Can you actually BELIEVE that this ramshackle crew of ding dongs actually MANAGED to escape the likes of an adult kraken AND on top of that, fly their ship all the way to safety while it was LITERALLY falling apart around them?

I can’t and I was there!

Well, hold on to those socks because the list of things we are capable of will only get longer on this week’s Adventurific as the Company sets foot into the pirate sanctuary of Sharkskin cove!

That’s right! An entire town for pirates! Who would have guessed that was even possible?!

It’s now up to Quint to pull up all his old Seaman™ trainin and not only keep us out of trouble, but also get on the good graces of the Pirate Queen herself!

Tough act for some, but there’s no one slicker than Quint Strideshaw.

So pack your “Orc to Common” translation guide, and remember who you’re talking to, because on this week’s Adventurific, DO NOT get that stuff on your skin, it will burn STRAIGHT through to the bone!