MOTW: S02E02 – What Happened to the Aurora 217? Part 2

I know what you are thinking at this particular moment in time.

“I’m confused and there’s also train robbers now?”

First of all, you should have been taking notes, and second, trains are notoriously full of treats and treasures just ripe for the taking!

And there isn’t a juicier train around than the Aurora 217!

Join us this week as we continue indulging in Josh’s grotesque fantasies with our latest group of Monster Hunters coming to grips with the fact that their simple train ride has turned into a hijacking and one of their brains is suspiciously close to being forcibly removed and fired across the cabin like a Frisbee in a hurricane!

And while it may look like their only obstacle are ravenous Husks and a few twisted individuals in animal masks, the secrets travelling with them on this journey may prove to be the bigger threat after all!

Yes, listener, there IS a lot going on, but if you stay with me, I promise you will be thoroughly entertained, or severely disappointed in Josh.

“This is why Nick should be the DM.”

Shut up.

So, get your hands up and slowly slide your brains across the floor because on this week’s heart pounding continuation of our Spring Special, you either accept the rules that are laid out in front of you or risk getting microwaved to death!