MOTW: Halloween 2021 – They All Fall Down Part 3

It seemed so simple at the start.

Travel through Hell, avoid the legion of the damned as they attempt to trade a pound of your flesh for a one way trip to Salvation, and infiltrate the Citadel; ground zero for all the pain and suffering that Hell can provide!

Who could have guessed it would have turned into a David Lynch nightmare maze?

Well, if you paid attention to Josh at all, you probably could have guessed.

Welcome to the finale of our Adventurific Halloween 2021 Special, and don’t worry my dear demented listener, there are plenty of blood and guts left to spill!

Join us as the Hunters dive deep into the bowels of the Citadel in search of the Pit, a magical pool of pure Hell magic, and the only way to stop Nina, the demon who put them in this mess in the first place!

And as they travel deeper into the fire, they might find the heat gets too hot for some members to handle…

So, decide what your soul is worth and remember to aim for the head, because on this Adventurific Finale, the bang we go out on will rock the afterlife for eons to come.