AI: Episode 38 – Here’s to Swimming With Bear Legged Women

Holy biscuits!

I bet you, the listener, weren’t expecting that!

Of all things to happen on a boat, I’m certain NONE of you were ready for the blatant abuse of captain authority, let alone the mistreatment of an innocent changeling!

Yeah, we here at Adventurific like to keep things spicy, so good luck keeping up with all our twists and turns!

Also, see Kraken

Tune in this week as the Company grapples with the monstrous sea beast that seems to have a decent hold on our ship, Tally learns the powers hidden within the frigid ursidae, and Quint struggles with the moral responsibility of keeping the boat from sinking! That and drowning, nobody likes to drown. So, pray that the polar ice caps don’t melt and remember to wear eye protection because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, there’s always a bigger fish…