MOTW: Halloween 2021 – They All Fall Down Part 2

I know you might be scared after Part One, so I thought I’d open this description with a joke…

Things sure are heating up on the Second Part of our 2021 Halloween Special!

Get it?

On account of all the burning flesh?

You’re welcome.

Welcome to the Second Part of the Adventurific Halloween 2021 Special where things are just beginning to get SPOOKY!

Join our Heroes as they attempt to come to grips with their new lives of eternal damnation, oceans of fire, and a city of tortured souls, however, when a familiar face from the past devises a plan to escape this plane of endless suffering, they must gather what remains of their strength and head deep into the metropolis that houses the worst that Hell can produce.

It may just seem like a simple walk, but Hell has a way of making simple things a lot more… painful.

So open your first portal and serve up your favorite maggot because on the Second Part of the Adventurific Halloween 2021 Special, try to stay in one piece, or at least, bring some extra tape and staples!