MOTW: Halloween 2021 – They All Fall Down Part 1

Can you feel that, my dear listener?

That odd feeling in the air, where the once dead and buried, soon stir in the shallow grave they rest in?

Just waiting for the opportunity to drag their disintegrating corpse out of the abyss and bring terror to those still living?

Yeah, that’s right boys and ghouls, The Adventurific Podcast has returned! At least for the spooky season…

Join us this week as we kick off our 2021 Halloween special with another Monster of the Week adventure ran by the most terrifying, most despicable, most haunting to listen to: Josh!

This year, the returning group of Hunters travel deep into the bayous of Louisiana to attend a fancy dinner party at a mysterious hotel no one has ever heard of, hosted by Hell itself! And while that sounds scary enough, just you wait to see what the Legion of the Damned have in store for the after-dinner entertainment!

Trust me, no one will be the same after that final dinner bell has rung!

So, dress to the nines and remember to ask if the incidentals are free or not, because on Part One of this year’s Halloween Special, it’s all fun and trains until someone gets damned!