AI: Episode 52 – Mom! Quit Harping!

How about that, folks?

We just got back and we are already making waves!

Ah, who are we kidding.

Spew enough nonsense into a microphone and eventually some plot is about to happen.

Take this week’s episode of Adventurific for example. In this episode, the Company head into Waterdeep proper to figure out what to do about the prisoner exchange and the mysterious recipients of said prisoners.

Hopefully, it involves less torture, but I’m not here to tell anyone what to do.

Also, Skip reaches out to a familiar middleman with the hopes of getting a hand with all the plates he is currently spinning.

Should be easy seeing how charming Skip is when he is panicking and I’m sure they DEFINITELY won’t ask for anything insane in return.

So, remember to just stop in to say “hi” and just follow the dark hallway all the way ‘til the end because on this brand new episode of Adventurific, the best way to get results is to call in the experts, and they aren’t in the business of doing things for free!