AI: Episode 49 – What Does the Fox Say?

Can you feel the tension?

There are SO many things that could go wrong right now, that at any moment, everything could fall apart and the gig is up…

And just like that, Skip is dead.

I mean, someone might mourn him, but let’s be real, the loss of Jayla would probably hit WAY harder.

Join us this week on Adventurific as the Company continues to walk the razor’s edge as their plan to break Jayla out of a prisoner caravan on its way to Waterdeep trudges on with Skip becoming a social outcast, Quint making big moves, and Tally going all out with those dope druid abilities!

I know that is really vague, but if I spoiled it here, you’d REALLY be missing out!

So, grab some alone time and stay low in the grass because on this week’s episode of Adventurific, everyone has a plan until the arctic fox shows up!