Halloween 2020: The Tale of Sunset Valley Part II

The pumpkins may be wilting, and that masked creature has returned to its resting place at the bottom of Blood Lake, but Adventurific has one last scare in store with part two of our Halloween 2020 adventure!

Come along this week as the monster hunters continue to explore the mysterious theme park known as Sunset Valley and where they once were tasked with simply unraveling the mysteries behind this strange and deadly amusement park, they are now just trying to get out alive! Will they successfully conquer the many horrors that wait around every corner or will their lifeless corpses soon join the ones that make up the foundation of the park?

You will have to listen to find out…that is to say… if you are BRAVE enough! So gather what courage you have left and pick the next ride on the map, because on this week’s Adventurific Halloween 2020 finale, you might want to stop the ride to get off, but that might attract something MUCH worse!