AI: Episode 46 – You’re Going to Want to Take Notes

Alright, we’ve said it before, but now we REALLY mean it! No more lies, lying or general fibbing!

We are sick of all the cloak and/or daggering that’s been happening around Fireshire, and it’s about time we cut through all the nonsense, clear off the tables, and get some honest to God, real, and truthful answers! That’s right, on this week on Adventurific, we’re confronting Brightness!

Join us this week as the Company comes to some serious conclusions about the head of the Aegis Initiative and decides to go to the source to clear up any misconceptions about who’s side she is really on! I’m sure it will lead to a meaningful discussion and won’t make ANYTHING worse.

Also, Skip does something stupid, but he follows it up with an exposé that is actually pretty important to the future goals of the group!

Way to go, Skip!

So locate your favorite bottle of Halfling wine and drop and give me twenty because on this week’s post Halloween episode of Adventurific; secrets, secrets hurt someone; secrets, secrets are no fun!