MOTW: Halloween 2021 – They All Fall Down Part 3

It seemed so simple at the start.

Travel through Hell, avoid the legion of the damned as they attempt to trade a pound of your flesh for a one way trip to Salvation, and infiltrate the Citadel; ground zero for all the pain and suffering that Hell can provide!

Who could have guessed it would have turned into a David Lynch nightmare maze?

Well, if you paid attention to Josh at all, you probably could have guessed.

Welcome to the finale of our Adventurific Halloween 2021 Special, and don’t worry my dear demented listener, there are plenty of blood and guts left to spill!

Join us as the Hunters dive deep into the bowels of the Citadel in search of the Pit, a magical pool of pure Hell magic, and the only way to stop Nina, the demon who put them in this mess in the first place!

And as they travel deeper into the fire, they might find the heat gets too hot for some members to handle…

So, decide what your soul is worth and remember to aim for the head, because on this Adventurific Finale, the bang we go out on will rock the afterlife for eons to come.

MOTW: Halloween 2021 – They All Fall Down Part 2

I know you might be scared after Part One, so I thought I’d open this description with a joke…

Things sure are heating up on the Second Part of our 2021 Halloween Special!

Get it?

On account of all the burning flesh?

You’re welcome.

Welcome to the Second Part of the Adventurific Halloween 2021 Special where things are just beginning to get SPOOKY!

Join our Heroes as they attempt to come to grips with their new lives of eternal damnation, oceans of fire, and a city of tortured souls, however, when a familiar face from the past devises a plan to escape this plane of endless suffering, they must gather what remains of their strength and head deep into the metropolis that houses the worst that Hell can produce.

It may just seem like a simple walk, but Hell has a way of making simple things a lot more… painful.

So open your first portal and serve up your favorite maggot because on the Second Part of the Adventurific Halloween 2021 Special, try to stay in one piece, or at least, bring some extra tape and staples!

MOTW: Halloween 2021 – They All Fall Down Part 1

Can you feel that, my dear listener?

That odd feeling in the air, where the once dead and buried, soon stir in the shallow grave they rest in?

Just waiting for the opportunity to drag their disintegrating corpse out of the abyss and bring terror to those still living?

Yeah, that’s right boys and ghouls, The Adventurific Podcast has returned! At least for the spooky season…

Join us this week as we kick off our 2021 Halloween special with another Monster of the Week adventure ran by the most terrifying, most despicable, most haunting to listen to: Josh!

This year, the returning group of Hunters travel deep into the bayous of Louisiana to attend a fancy dinner party at a mysterious hotel no one has ever heard of, hosted by Hell itself! And while that sounds scary enough, just you wait to see what the Legion of the Damned have in store for the after-dinner entertainment!

Trust me, no one will be the same after that final dinner bell has rung!

So, dress to the nines and remember to ask if the incidentals are free or not, because on Part One of this year’s Halloween Special, it’s all fun and trains until someone gets damned!