Starfinder: Episode 3 – A Bridge Over Fuddled Waters

Check your deep space atomic clocks, Adventurnauts, because another heart pounding episode of the Adventurific Radio Hour has arrived! This week, the Squad continues their search of the seemingly abandoned Nostrovia, but when the mangled remains of the crew begin advancing, they must work quickly to find the Dealer before the unnerving ranks of the undead overtake them! Will the Squad, with their heads intact, make it back to the Bar with their target, or will they join the sea of bodies floating in darkness of deep space? This week, Adventurific gets locked, loaded, and holy ghosted.

Starfinder: Episode 2 – Meet & Greet Aboard the Meat Lashed Fleet

With the Squad fully assembled and mostly sober, it’s about time to tackle their very first mission…finding the whereabouts of a mysterious conveyor known only as “The Dealer”. But with the only lead an abandoned transport vessel that has taken heavy damage, finding the target will quickly become a fight for life and death…with death already in the lead! It’s the episode you won’t want to miss, as this week, Adventurific lacerates the competition!

Starfinder: Episode 1 – To Infinity

Strap on those heavy boots and pressurize the cabin because we’ve reached the next great frontier. It’s called the Adventurific Radio Hour! Join us as we take the first steps into Starfinder, introduce The Next Generation of heroes, and maybe create a little bit of mischief along the way. All that and more! This week, Adventurific shoots for the moon…and lands among the stars.

TFTL: Episode 6 – Strangers’ Things

It’s Halloween time in Moody River and the Gang is excited to hit the neighborhood trick or treating, hoping to collect those highly coveted king sized candy bars! However, a mysterious new kid and a strange house at the end of the block will lead our group into the most dangerous Halloween party ever, and if things don’t go their way, maybe into Hell itself! This week, Adventurific faces off with Fear!

TFTL: Episode 5 – Be a Sam

It’s been an explosive day in Moody River but after a quick nap and a hearty meal, the Gang is ready to confront the diabolical craftsman behind the mind controlling cylinder that has ensnared all of the adults! Follow us this week as your favorite rambunctious youths frantically work to piece together the clues and save the town from falling into utter chaos. This week, Adventurific faces its fears and stands for what is right!

TFTL: Episode 4 – Take A Nap, You’ll Feel Better

After an “eventful” romp in the woods, the Gang discover a few possible leads in the form of two cables trailing away from the cylinder that has abducted all the adults of Moody River. Will these cables provide the answers into the mysterious cylinder’s origins or at least a way to shut down the infernal machine? No matter what happens, I’m sure it’ll all blow up in their faces. Follow along this week as Adventurific goes through the drawers and makes some shocking discoveries!

TFTL: Episode 3 – Woodlands Wrestling Federation

Only in Moody River can a simple day back to school unfold into a citywide conspiracy involving disappearing adults, mysterious cylinders in the woods, and robotic fisherman hired as security guards. Follow along as the Gang digs deeper into strange happenings plaguing the town, and discover some things they wish they never saw. This week, Adventurific drops elbows and pants all in one glorious episode!

TFTL: Episode 2 – Back 2 School

Ring Ring! The school bell has rung and its time for Adventurific to start its first day with Tales from the Loop! There’s just one problem: All of the faculty at Carl Sagan Middle School seemed to have mysteriously disappeared! As a wave of rambunctious behavior washes throughout the school, a small group of kids must band together to bring order and solve this peculiar predicament. Or they will just use this break of authority to have some good ol’ unsupervised fun? Either way, this week, Adventurific is going to run in the halls and won’t even give a crap!

TFTL: Episode 1 – Welcome to the Loop!

Welcome to the new era of Adventurific…that era being the radical 80’s! Follow us this week as we introduce you to Tales from the Loop and all of the kids that will soon be at the center of some very peculiar mysteries, but hey, that’s just another day in Moody River, MN. This week, Adventurific gets totally tubular!

Episode 31 – C:\EPILOGUE\TOMB2.EXE

The pressure is building and The Tomb of Horrors continues to challenge the Team with some of the worst dangers and traps in the book…and it’s going to take everything the Team has to beat Ace at his own game! So join us as Buckthurn makes a shocking discovery, Pooprat turns up the heat, and Ms. Sunshine bears all. Grab your Power Glove and put up your quarter because this week, Adventurific goes for the High Score!


After saving the universe from total destruction it’s time for a well deserved break, but instead of grubbin’ on some corn dogs and soaking up the sun the Team accept Ace’s challenge to play a brand new virtual reality game! Can the Team overcome the Horrors of this virtual Tomb, or will Ace’s name remain on the top of the leaderboard? This week, Adventurific gets hacked into the mainframe!

Episode 29 – This Is It

It’s all come down to this, The Team has scaled the tower and are about to enter the final battle for the fate of the universe. Can they stop the greatest evil to have ever existed or will everything they’ve ever known fall to the wrath of the Demogorgon? Prepare for some fierce thaumaturgy, intense dimension swapping action, and emotional reunions as our first season of Adventurific draws to it’s explosive conclusion!

Episode 28 – Knob Hill Winery Presents…

The Team have finally arrived at the Demogorgon’s front door, but they are in no way prepared for the madness waiting for them! Will they be able to break into the fortress of pure evil? Maybe, but it may require a little help from a familiar face from Wankmen’s past. Follow us this week for the ups, the downs and all arounds, only on Advenurific…sponsored by Knob Hill Winery.

Episode 27 – Goop Troop

All hands on deck! This week the Team takes the fight to the Sea of Evil itself, Jubilex, and with all the new toys courtesy of the Beholder there’s no telling who or what will survive. With mech suits, card games, and the most useful Cleric ever, you listeners are in for one hell of a battle! This week, Adventurific gets resilient!

Episode 26 – Kevin

The Sea of Evil is writhing with hatred of all things good and the armies of the Underdark stand at the edges of the abyss waiting to push back any dangers that rise from the hellish depths. Meanwhile, a bunch of assholes on a flying boat argue among themselves about who’s package is bigger. Follow us this week as the Team begins their assault on the Demogorgon’s lair, and if I were you, I’d bring a towel, it’s going to get messy. This week, Adventurific gets viscous!

Episode 25 – Beholder? I barely know her!

With the powers of the Dead seemingly now under the control of Spanner (or vice versa) the rest of the team finalize their plan to defeat the Demogorgon once and for all! Before they head out, however, Buckthurn decides to make one last call to an old business associate for some desperately needed extra firepower…a move that not everyone agrees with. So, grab your recently undead loved one and snuggle in tight! The final chapters of the Adventurific DnD campaign have begun!

Episode 24 – Heh Heh, You Said Wand

It’s all come down to this, both the Team and the Crew have finally come together with the common goal of destroying the Demogorgon once and for all! It’s going to take a miracle to but with Spanner still in the possession of the Wand of Orcus our heroes’ chances practically drop to zero. Will this powerful tool split these adventurers apart or will the call for good band them together? This week, Adventurific gets cooperative!

Episode 23 – Everyone Loves Soup, Nobody Loves Tucker

When the corpses of the O.G. Adventurific team start raining from the sky around Frosty Hole the Gamma Crew quickly gathers La Resistance! and heads to the surface to investigate. But with Graz’zt and his new boy toy lingering nearby, things will quickly get out of hand and nobody is prepared for what they discover. This week Adventurific welcomes the macabre.

Episode 21 – Spanner’s Big Adventure

A great evil from another dimension has taken over the moon and only one man can stop it, but after a unfortunate game of soul-roulette, that man is Spanner Shortshaft. Can Spanner, a vigilante, a dog, and a demi-god stop the wicked diabolist that stands in their way? They just might, but it will take some help in the form of dangerously futile advice from a familiar crew of morons. Like DC vs. Marvel, it’s the Adventurific crossover every Advernturnaut has been waiting for!

Episode 20 – I, Warlock

Coming to you a day late because Nick is shit and forgot to post…

Somewhere, across space and time, a familiar face awakens to find himself and his friends in a not-so familiar place. Stripped of everything they own, it’s going to take a little help from some animal allies to set things straight and return the team to the far away land they call home. This week, Adventurific Spans all the way across the multiverse.

Episode 19 – The Consequences of Rubbing Dick Out in Public

After last week’s sacrificial offing, the crew realizes they may have made a poor judgement call. So, they are righting that wrong and doing everything they can to bring Dick back to the land of the living that includes conversing with the elderly, fighting the elderly, and generally making more poor judgement calls. Also, when one of the players is missing, we call in a special guest to take his place. This week, Adventurific is getting…sued, we are getting so sued.

Episode 18 – Tingle in the Ring-le XVIII

The Crew has discovered a powerful ally that can aid them in their mission to slay the Demogorgon, but it’s not all fun and games. With the Pooprat’s mind in shambles and Norm on the verge of another breakdown, its going to take a few bold ideas (and perhaps some poor ones) to save the day. Listen as things get theological, this week on Adventurific!

Episode 17 – There is no Dick, Only Zuggtmoy

With the mushrooms disposed of, the crew makes their way to the location of the Portland Cowboy aka Dick Tingle. However, finding him leads to a lot more questions than answers. With one crew member hypnotized and another heavily inebriated, things are going to get resistant, this week on Adventurific!

Episode 16 – Mushroom for Improvement

After one hell of a heel turn, the Crew is back in their right minds…well, most of them. Dick’s eclectic tastes and an aversion to fire will make him the next unwilling pawn in the fight to take control of the Underdark. Meanwhile, the crew takes a few moments to clear up the misunderstanding that cost Kennedy his life, and to learn how truly bad at stealth they really are. Things get defiant, this week on Adventurific!

Episode 15 – The Zapruder Recording

The Gamma Crew have successfully wrestled the Professor from the madness that plagued him, but evil that surrounds the Underdark isn’t through yet! It will attempt to claim a few more feeble minds to control and these new puppets are not to be trifled with. Will the crew be able to prevent this psychic onslaught from pulling them apart or will evil finally triumph? No one is safe from the mental torture at the hands of the Demogorgon, this week on Adventurific!

Episode 14 – Draggin’ On

While the hole is less frosty, the under has become much darker. The crew continues to follow the path of strange happenings right into the Underdark and after meeting a peaceful race of Flumpfs, their search for the Demogorgon leads them to a familiar danger that may cost them their sanity. You are in for a bloody good time, this week on Adventurific!

Episode 13 – Frosty Hole

It’s becoming clear that something unusual is happening to the citizens of Frosty Hole and the further the crew investigates, the stranger the mystery gets. Follow them this week as Kennedy fights back against the Elderly, Norm stands up to some local ruffians, and the Pooprat continues to drink with his smug sense of self-righteousness. Dinosaurs become the least of their concerns, this week on Adventurific!

Episode 12 – Are We Goin’ to the Pizza Store?!

The Gamma World crew is back in action! Their memories have been restored and they’ve been given the most important mission of their lives! Hold on tight, because it’s off to a strangely familiar tundra to do battle with Evil Incarnate itself, however, an army of insane Jurassic farm animals are standing in their way and it’s going to take everything the crew has to put these ultimate predators down for good! The dawning of a new age of Adventurific is here!

Episode 11 – Richard!

A great evil has awoken and dragged the team into darkness. Now, six new heroes of old must gather to stop the looming threat. However, the long journey to this plane has caused them great anguish, and it’s going to take some familiar faces, an old shotgun and some cherry pie to replace the pieces of forgotten past. Things get nostalgic, this week on Adventurific!

Now with new and improved audio!

Episode 10 – ReLeAsE mE

It’s been a long road but the team has finally made it into the temple. As they traverse deeper inside, the challenges become tougher, the creatures become more vicious, and prospects of space camp and a free bike fade away. Can the team overcome, or will their souls be lost forever? Looks like you may have to listen to find out…

Episode 9 – Defending Those Held

After a few confrontations with the mysterious ghost children of the Fog, the team reach the Temple, but as they take their first steps inside, it becomes clear that this temple is home to more dangers that anyone could have possibly imagined. Will the team make it out alive or will The Fog take a few more victims?

Episode 7 – Wankman Let Go of the Rope

After almost being eaten alive by a bean, the team finally begins the journey into the mysterious jungle at the edge of the desert. But with Raven a bear and Spanner oblivious, hidden dangers await our heroes at every corner. What secrets await in this land of the lost? You’ll just have to listen to find out…

Episode 6 – rawr.

This week, before the excursion into the mysterious jungle, the team takes a moment to form a plan of attack. However, the term “curiosity killed the cat” is tested as our heroes turn a quick breakfast into a battle of life and death. Meanwhile, Spanner must make the ultimate choice; joining in on all the fun or suffering the consequences of leaving his room early. This is the episode that truly breaks new ground!

Episode 5 – Must Go Faster

A massive threat is looming over this plane of existence, and our heroes must act quickly. However, in order to stop it, they will have to journey far away to a land that time forgot, meet some strangely familiar faces that Buckthurn has more in common with that he may wish, and get a little introspective (just for a moment).

Welcome, Adventurnauts!

If you’re here this early, chances are you have some questions: What the shit is Adventurific? Where are all the episodes? What’s that smell?

Adventurific is a DnD real play podcast! Yay! Another one! We’re a group of six misanthropes and one masochistic DM fumbling around a tabletop. We hope our hijinx are as entertaining for you as they are for us.

We’re quickly approaching the release of our inaugural episode. Provided everything goes smoothly (let’s be honest, it won’t), you can expect to hear our sultry voices penetrating your ear holes before the end of the month. Our aim will be to release an episode every week thereafter, so sit back, crack a window, and prepare to be…adventured?…advented?…whatever. Fuck it.

– The Adventurific Crew