AI: Episode 43 – Glovey Boots 2: Booty Gloves

Ever had one of those vacations where it was such an unmitigated disaster that the journey home feels like it takes a million years, and you’d sacrifice every one of your friends’ souls to an unholy demigod just to sleep in your own bed again? Yeah, its about time we head back to Fireshear…

Join us this week on a brand new episode of Adventurific as the intrepid Company hauls anchor and leaves that ramshackle death box known as Shark…Darkrim… is it Carpkin Scoop? Whatever, we pack up and leave that shit hole in the dust.

Not to worry, dear listener. There’s plenty waiting for us back in Fireshear, such as a bar that needs checking in on, Quint and Trundle need to do some shopping slash arguing with an old man, and Skip’s got a package waiting for him! Don’t worry, Tally also has stuff going on, like maybe a little bit of backstory…perhaps? How’s that for a hook?

So grab your Booty and find its matching Glove, because on this week’s Adventurific, you’re going to learn some real mind blowing stuff about trees and if you’ve ever peed on one, you’re not going to like it!