Halloween 2020: The Tale of Sunset Valley Part I

The blood moon has risen, and the creatures of the night are out stalking the living, so why not treat your soul to the most hair raising, most evil, most spine chilling adventure this side of the Bermuda Triangle: The 2020 Adventurific Halloween Special! Join us this year as our local loudmouth, Josh, takes the reigns and leads our intrepid monster hunters through one of the most twisted campaigns ever deceived by man! Follow along as the team ventures into the long-abandoned amusement park known only as Sunset Valley hoping to discover the mysteries that lie within! As simple and fun as that sounds, be warned dear listener, the horrors that haunt this place may have been better off left undisturbed! Will they be able to fight the evils back that thirst for human flesh and escape, or will their souls be forever trapped within these hallowed grounds? There is only one way to find out, and unfortunately for you, it’s the SCARIEST way we got!

So grab your VIP wristband and make sure you bring enough tokens because on this year’s Adventurific Halloween Special, whoever came up with the idea that this is “The Happiest Place on Earth” deserves to be locked in here with us!