MOTW: S02E03 – What Happened to the Aurora 217 Part 3

There’s an old saying; “The softest voice in the darkness has often got the sharpest sword”.

I don’t know who said it but whoever it was, I bet they have quite a lot of experience with homicidal teenagers who been given ultimate knowledge and the most technologically advanced train this side of Niagara Falls!

And things only get darker from here on this week’s Adventurific as the Monster Hunters gather up what is left of their strength and face off against Unstable Daughter of the late Doctor Cerf as she literally bends space and time to her whim in order to kill off the last of her opposition and brings humanity to its knees! Will the Hunters be able to stop a threat that has no limits, no boundaries and most importantly, no head to shoot?!

See, I knew if you stuck with all of Josh’s shenanigans, this would all pay off! And to those of you who say that most of this still does not make any sense, well, all I can retort with is a desperate “Shut up” and “Please stop” followed promptly by a soft weeping…

So, hide away all those deep dark secrets and make sure to keep the afterlife in mind because on this spine tingling, reality bending conclusion to our Spring Special, I don’t care WHAT kind of powers you got, you can’t just fly away from all your problems!