AI: Episode 57 – Six on One, Halfling on Another

Have you cats noticed a pattern yet?

When the Company is 100% in charge of planning and execution, its a mess and usually someone ends up dead.

When Jayla comes ups up with a plan, suddenly Skip is pretending to be her and she’s uncomfortable and Tally’s got her boobs out and everything is all over the place…

What was my point again?


Welcome to this week’s Adventurific!

Follow along as the Company dives head first into that sweet, sweet honeypot in an attempt to seduce the mysterious squad of Zephirum (Zhentarim) that has so foolishly fallen into our trap, like flies…to more honey.

Also while that is going on, Quint and Bob are pulling a side job that may seem like a fruitless endeavor, at least compared to the one involving Jayla bringing her best game, but may actually prove way more valuable than any of us could have ever dreamed!

There’s so much happening, It’s hard to keep up!

So, try to keep cool next to all that hay and remember not to be too eager because on this week’s voluptuous episode of Adventurific, it’s hard work being this beautiful, maybe you should try it sometime.