AI: Episode 51 – So…We Crossed a Line

Hold on, lemme just get all this dust of the old Description Writer-a-tron 3500b.

There we go, now let’s see if all this time off made its vastly underappreciated talent any more noticeable…

Welcome back everyone to a BRAND NEW season of Adventurific where the laughs are cheap and the moral compass is more of suggestion than anything else.

Join us this week as the Company attempts to make sense of all the betrayal and turn of events that has everyone on board the Soggy Clam reeling!

Well mostly Jayla, but that’s understood, seeing how EVERYTHING SHE BELIEVED IN MOST HAS TURNED ON HER!

And now, to make matters worse; Connie, Fil, and Quint are about to have a word with the prisoner and I’ve got a feeling that they may take it a little too far.

Don’t worry, Phil’s a doctor, so it’ll only hurt for a minute…

So put down a fresh mat and remember to bring plenty of seltzer water for the stains because on the Season Four Premiere of Adventurific, we are rolling up our sleeves and going full medieval!