AI: Episode 55 – The Brisket Heard ‘Round the World

Picture this, if you will.

It’s a peaceful cool morning. The birds are chirping, the flowers is shaking off the dew from the night and on the horizon, you see a large shape.

It seems like some sort of vessel, but water is nowhere near here.

And it’s a hundred feet in the air.

You swallow that last sip of coffee.

Your day is about to get a WHOLE lot more interesting.

Welcome to this week’s Adventurific where the quaint village of Daggerford attempts to weather a storm called “The Idiots from The Coal Chute Busting into their Once Quiet Town and Raising One Hell of a Stupor”!

Join us as the Company breaks new ground in this once peaceful farming community by breaking laws (Skip), breaking social norms (Also Skip), and most importantly, breaking tables by putting Halflings through them (Won’t spoil it, but also Skip) and by the end of this episode, someone is going to need some SERIOUS medical attention…

Just guess who.

So, grab a fresh flyer and remember to put on your best face because on this week’s tension filled episode of Adventurific, there’s some hands to be thrown, lines to be crossed, and the one left lying in his own blood probably had it coming anyway.