AI: Episode 20 РHaricots Renvers̩s

Being honest with your friends is important. It’s the foundation to earning trust, building better relationships, and creating an environments for positive growth and enrichment. Plus, liars are real pieces of dragon dung who can rot in the deepest pits of the Under Dark for all I care. When this BRAND NEW episode of Adventurific comes out, you’ll see what I mean. Especially when Skip, Quint and Tally finally come clean with Brightness about what’s been going on in her city, have a heart to heart with Jayla, Bob, and Prometheus, and get a startling piece of news that will change EVERYTHING we’ve come to expect with how this city is ran! And, don’t give me any of that crap about how the rest of us haven’t STOPPED lying in 146 episodes, because that is all nonsense and I will deny it up and down! So it’s time to come clean and start being honest because in this episode of Adventurific, we are DONE being played like a bunch of out of town yokels!