MOTW: S02E01 – What Happened to the Aurora 217?

It’s the season for new beginnings. You know, where all things fresh and pure take over and there is a smell of annual renewal in the air. So why not celebrate the time of starting over by handing the reigns back to the last person on earth that should have them.

That’s right kiddos!

It’s time for another all original, home grown Josh Campaign!

I’ll call the fire department.

Join us this week as Josh drags the group kicking and screaming back into Monster of the Week as a new set of Monsters Hunters (and one returning face) are hired to investigate a potentially apocalyptic catastrophe on a mysterious cyber-train heading to the Great White North, the Aurora 217!

And while it all seems simple enough, a mysterious girl in their cabin, an overzealous trashcan, and an artificial conductor will soon show the Hunters that there are more things to be worried about then a spilled drink or a missing ticket! Things are going to get weird and when Josh is in charge, you know they are going to get weird in a hurry!

So, grab your taxidermy deer head and remember to keep your ears to yourself because on the first part of our 2021 Spring Special, there are a surprising amount of things looking to get into your skull, you best wear a helmet!