Starfinder: Episode 25 – Winners Don’t Do Drugs

After last week’s special D&Diversion, we return to the stars to check in on the galaxy’s greatest group of liars. The Squad had just made the startling realization that the woman responsible for the job that brought them all together, had survived the attack on The Bar and the resulting explosion that destroyed it. I’m sure she will have plenty of answers to all the questions…if these idiots will stop bickering with each other long enough to ask them. It’s a roller-coaster of misinformation and tangents, this week on the Adventurific Radio Hour!

5e: Episode 2 – Bad Wolf

What happens when Josh forgets to give Nick an episode description? Who knows what future punishments are in store! This week we roll initiative, find out how fast a five foot tall, two hundred pound, flobweeb farmer can run, and try to figure out more of the Oracle’s game.  Will the DM shaft our heroes, or will his dice rolls come up short? That’s a 50dkp minus, this week on Adventurific!

5e: Episode 1 – 47 Goats Long

Let’s take a step back to Adventurific’s humble beginnings and celebrate the birth of our magical Dungeon Master Dom with another high flying, gut punching, no holds bared Dungeons and Dragons play-through! Things are a bit different this time, with Dom finally stepping into the role of player and that jerk ass Nick taking over as the ruler of all things game. Will Nick murder us all as some sort of sick revenge fantasy, or will this newest set of heroes go further than any before?! It’s going to be bananas, but not too much monkey business, this week on Adventurific!

Kenntucky Backdrop’s Church of the Dark Unknown Daytime Power Hour [DEMO/NOT FOR RELEASE]

When an unfortunate scheduling error has kept our players from getting together for an actual episode, Erik and Josh took up the mantel and scrubbed through hours of Nostrovia’s Security footage to see what our heroes are up to outside of work. After cutting out 461 hours of a nude Duke, they came across a relic from Kenntucky’s past, an old Pilot from when he first attempted to get his church off the ground! Hope you enjoy, and we will be back next week for more Adventurific Radio Hour! Special thanks to @jakeneamy , @Irrellaphant, and @immostlynick for their amazing voice acting!

Starfinder: Episode 24 – Get Your Ship Together

Negotiations with the enemy are over and the entire Squad is back together, so this week it’s time to dive into a brand new scheme to find the Screaming Mouth in Space! The twin suns are rising above Big Mama; a lawless planet, a planet full of gear monkeys, pit crews and the hungriest racers, all looking for their shot at becoming the next big starspeeder racing champion; and of course, your favorite Squad of unqualified morons are sure as shit going headlong into a sport that eats amateurs for breakfast. But first, we gotta meet the woman in charge, and hopefully, make a good impression. I’d hate to get banned from a hobby before Duke can die horribly attempting it. Smell the dinitrogen tetroxide in the air and you’re off to the races, this week on Adventurific!

Starfinder: Episode 23 – Down Home Dusty Deal

After a disastrous stakeout attempt, the two best characters in the show have been kidnapped by the despicable arms dealers of the Moocher Organization. Now it’s up to the rest of the Squad to sack up and stage a rescue op! Will they commit to the tropes and go in guns blazing, or take the higher ground and roll some slick ass disguise and sneak checks? Well, no matter what happens, it’s going one hell of a rootin’, tootin’, big gun shootin’ good time! Grab the big broom and start sweeping, this week’s Adventurific is sick of all this god dang DUST!

Starfinder: Episode 22 – 1-900-490-FREAK

It’s been one HELL of a Kuthoraxian mating cycle, but the Adventurific Radio Hour is back and this week we have all sorts of freaky shit going on! The investigation into the Cult of Meat and Screams has led our heroes into the seediest parts of Absalom Station in search of clues. The molar of a grotesque Man-Cat…thing has given them their first real lead: a band of thugs known as the Moocher Organization. Things REALLY heat up as Duke goes into full on stake out mode and the rest just show up when the action gets good…and trust me, it gets good. Lock those doors and get plenty of fluids because this week, the Adventurific Radio Hour may cause dry mouth, sore sides, sweating, and hallucinations!

Starfinder: Episode 21 – Steven Safari and The Back Alley Harikiri

We’ve had a bit of a break, but the Adventurific Radio Hour is back! Join us this week as the Squad begins the investigation into the Cult of Meat and Screams with some good old fashioned undercover detective work that will take them to the seediest place on Absalom Station…the south side! And if that didn’t send your Biotech Omniflex Arti-heart into maximum stress mode, there’s actual, physical COMBAT! Holy tube-socks, we are not messing around! It’s a pants switching, gender bending episode with a little “Weekend at Bernie’s” on the side that you’ll be glad has no Erik branded sound effects, this week on the Adventurific Radio Hour!

Starfinder: Episode 20 – Crack Open a Twelver

Strap in Adventurnauts, its time, once again, to set sail into the stars and explore the Great Unknown because Season 2 of our Starfinder campaign starts now! After being gifted the largest broadcasting company on Absalom Station by the greatest evil in the universe, the Squad finds themselves trying to adjust to the white collar, corporate lifestyle. However, when Kenntucky accidentally receives a call from a wrong number, everyone is tossed back into an investigation of a mysterious local cult that goes way deeper than anyone could have ever imagined! It’s one hell of a season premiere, especially when everyone around could be a member, and they are all out for blood! New friendships are discovered and old ones are put to the test, this week on the Adventurific Radio Hour!

TFTL: Episode 12 – The More, The Dairy-er

It all started with a couple of friends skipping school to catch a glimpse at a real dead body, and not even 24 hours later, a city wide conspiracy involving mind controlling nano-bots, milk worshiping cultist, and a flying grocery store have all become common place in this small Minnesota town! Listen in as the Gang must quickly get their bearings aboard the dairy fairing vessel and promptly develop a plan to stop the diabolical Wagner before he can release robotic hell all over Moody River! It’s not going to be easy, but with this particular group of deviants, nothing ever is. Come along, one last time, for the action packed finale to our seasonal Tales from the Loop adventure, this week on Adventurific!

TFTL: Episode 11 – Full Blown Arson

When your basic weird kid from school turns into a homicidal slave by way of mind control robots, you know that things around town have gone from bad to worse! Check in on the Tales Gang this week as they gather some much needed info from a new friend, Teddy checks something off his vandalism bucket list, and everyone ends up in the last place they ever expected! Trust me; no matter how overboard we go, you’re going to want to stick around for this penultimate episode of our Tales from the Loop spring play through, this week on Adventurific!

TFTL: Episode 10 – A Head of the Game

Who knew a bunch of rambunctious children would be so adept at corporate undercover work, but it’s pretty obvious that the Moody River Police would only send in their best and brightest, right? RIGHT?! Join the Tales Gang this week as they continue exploring the Microlex facility in search for the answers behind the gruesome killing of the mad scientist Lena and hopefully track down her homicidal robot murderer before it strikes again! It’s going to take a lot of work, let’s just hope the Gang doesn’t get bored and go play Kickball instead. So, strap on those PF Flyers and limber up those legs because this week, Adventurific is running the bases!

TFTL: Episode 9 – Working Class Zero

You know that the police are really desperate when they have to call in children to assist in a murder investigation, but in all honesty, who better to go undercover at a Robotics factory than Moody River’s favorite group of devious youngsters? Follow along as the Gang attempts to blend in at MicroLex, gather clues to who our mysterious victim was, and search for answers behind what really transpired behind the lighthouse at the top of the bluff. Can the Gang unwrap the tangled web that is being laid out in front of them, or will this case go cold in the early Spring chill? It’s time to clock in because this week, Adventurific is working the 9 to 5!

Leave a Message After the Beep

It looks like the Moody River Gang won’t be able to make it this week, but we figured that it’s best you hear it from them. I’m sure they have some pretty decent excuses. We promise they will be back next week, all ready to solve the mystery of why Teddy’s grandma can’t remember what a pizza is, and the thing about the dead body.

TFTL: Episode 8 – Here Comes the Fuzz

Spring is in the air. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the bodies are already starting to pile up, and of course, your favorite gang of miscreants from Moody River are already somehow involved! Now, the unrelenting arm of the law has followed them to the mysterious lighthouse in the woods and the gang is going to forge some unlikely alliances in order stay out of juvie and stop the killer before he or she strikes again! Nothing says “April Fools” like a freshly strangled corpse and no one says “we’re sorry” like we do…this week on Adventurific!

Starfinder: Episode 20 – Somebody Dies in This One

The Episode you are about to listen to is not for the faint of heart,
Here within, lies only pain and anguish.
I am warning you now,
Stop what you are doing and turn back!

Inside this episode, warriors fall, worlds crumble, and
Soldiers of Evil trample all that stands in their way.

Absalom Station will never be the same.

Listen to me, before it’s too late
I cannot stop the brave, but I can warn them this…
Everything you know is about to change.

Starfinder: Episode 19 – Karkov Bad

Who knew that when the Squad stood toe to toe with the Mysterious and Deadly Red Guy that they would walk away the new owners of the largest corporation on Absalom Station! It may sound like a horrible idea that will only end in financial ruin, but don’t worry, the Squad has a proper business plan that totally doesn’t involve anything like over-drinking, dictatorships, or Mucktup in control of a time altering super weapon! Drunk on power and in our player’s cases, beer, things are about to go from bad to a complete and utter shit show almost instantaneously! Have your assistant grab you a coffee and cancel all your meetings, because Adventurific is ready for a hostile takeover!

Starfinder: Episode 18 – Just Beecause

After all the struggle, fighting, and murder the Squad went through to survive “Hey, Don’t Get Your Friend Killed”, they were not expecting it to end with a make out session between Kenntucky and their greatest foe, The Red Guy! And while that may have been quite the shocker, they certainly weren’t expecting an offer from the most dangerous man in the galaxy so tantalizing that it turns their entire mission on its head! Will this new series of events prove to be too much for the Squad to handle, or is it a new era of prosperity for Absalom Station? Hint: It’ll just end in more chaos, trust me. This is truly a strange turn of events, but when it comes to “strange”, Adventurific is only getting started!

Starfinder: Episode 17 – Strike the Set

Strap into your favorite Glovorian, heat-treated, relaxation sphere because this week’s season finale of “Hey, Don’t Get Your Friend Killed!” will certainly be cemented as the single greatest episode of any sociopathic reality television show since “Eat This Grenade!” It’s coming down to the wire for the remaining members of the Squad as Kenntucky and CLANK dig in to find the final few keys to free Mucktup! However, just as things seem to be going their way, the show turns up the heat to a furious level and things start going downhill fast! Will they pull ahead, or will Mucktup’s final moments be broadcast for the whole galaxy to see? All we can say is it will certainly be entertaining! It’s a nonstop thrill ride to the end, with ACTION, SUSPENCE, HORROR, and ROMANCE, all in this week’s episode of Adventurific!

Starfinder: Episode 16 – “Hammocking” at It’s Finest

Pass the industrial grade nutrient laden food paste and turn the channel to 26079 because its time for another chapter in the fight for Mucktup’s life on “Hey, Don’t Get Your Friend Killed!” This week, things really begin heating up for the Squad as their challenges become more intense, their attackers get more vicious, and the stakes reach a new height of precariousness. Will they make it out of this AV hell alive, or will their season getting cancelled prematurely? It’s the mid-season sweeps and the only thing the audience seems to respond to is complete and udder mayhem…and we got that in spades, this week on Adventurific!

Starfinder: Episode 15 – More Verite, Less Woodshedding

Put the hatchlings to bed and re-tune your Glorbtube enabled holo-visors because it’s time for another installment of the hottest game show in Absalom Station: “Hey, Don’t Get Your Friend Killed”! The hunt for the keys rages on with Mucktup bursting a drum, Kenntucky carrying a dead weight, CLANK hanging in there, Duke being sent to the dog house, Max getting roasted, and Slasher making one hell of a mess! With this much drama and violence, what we are doing should be considered illegal! (We were informed by our lawyers that we need to LEGALLY remind you that this show IS, in fact, highly ILLEGAL.) So, prime that A-Roll and bump that B-Roll, because it’s only gold, this week on Adventurific!

Starfinder: Episode 14 – One Up/Many Down

Grab a bowl of freshly squeezed Flobbcorn and pull up your favorite status pod (with the external entertainment module installed) because Nostrovia’s own ragtag group of assholes are the newest contestants on Absalom Station’s most loved game show: “Hey! Don’t Get Your Friend Killed!” The clock is ticking down for Mucktup and it’s up to the remaining Squad to journey through their respective obstacle courses to find the keys to his cell. Can they overcome the challenges set before them or will the Robotic Felines, Gimp Pursuers, Demanding Judges, and Flesh Hungry Savages prove to be too much? Don’t forget your mark and remember to enunciate your lines, because on this week’s Adventurific, it’s showtime!

Starfinder: Episode 13 – Red Light and Bell

What do you do when an over-bearing, authoritarian corporation places itself in charge of a once thriving space station and takes your second best mechanic prisoner? You do what’s right by gathering your best team, marching over to their headquarters in the middle of the city, and making them pay for what they’ve done! Well, this is Adventurific, so it’ll most likely end with a few misread social cues, a babushka with sticky fingers, and a finale so strange, it defies all logic and sanity. It’s a brand new episode of Adventurific and this week, they need you to enter, stage left!

Starfinder: Episode 12 – Window Chopping

It’s been a busy first day aboard the great Absalom station with each team getting into their own brand of tomfoolery, but it’s about time something actually gets done! Check in on Max as he wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting Shop, Duke, CLANK, and Kenntucky as they attempt to blend into a crowd of drunks, Mucktup as he discovers why the 14th amendment is so important, and Slasher as she…well, she does Slasher. Come along because Adventurific is making their way downtown, moving fast, faces pass, we’re download bound.

Starfinder: Episode 11 – Max’s Big Adventure

WARNING: THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SOME GROSS SHIT THAT MAY BE CONSIDERED VERY GROSS. What happens when a mind bending, social networking sociopath puts on the Captain’s hat and decides to make some big decisions? Here’s a hint, it involves a lot of back stabbing, rodent thralldom, and a very, VERY strange sounding Slasher. We are down a player, but we make it up shit creek without a paddle, this week on Adventurific!

Starfinder: Episode 10 – Junkyard Wars

The clock is ticking and its time for some good old fashioned party splitting! This week, part of the Squad leaves the safety of the quarantine zone to find the parts needed to disguise Nostrovia, and where’s a better place to start than the Absalom Station junkyard? As they sift through the piles of refuse discarded by the station’s many residents, CLANK takes a stroll down memory lane, Duke discovers a new form of stimulation, and Kenntucky finally does something cool…all while being blissfully unaware that the junkyard is home to much more than just used needles and old nudie mags. Strap on those gas masks and bring along the antiseptic, this week Adventurific is getting dirty!

Starfinder: Episode 9 – Best Laid Plans

When it comes to destroying an innocent kingdom’s castle and shooting two of their horses in the face, the saying “cooler heads prevail” doesn’t really come to mind, but this week, that all changes. It’s time for a quick breather, and the Squad is taking this moment to plot out an actual course of action! Follow along as they discuss where to head to next, mend some fences, and work out a few possible solutions to the impending confrontation with the mysterious Red Guy! It’s the episode Aaron Sorkin would be proud of, but with a lot less set transitions, only on this week’s Adventurific!

Starfinder: Episode 8 – The Harder They Fall

It’s mayhem this week as the team tries to rebuild the damaged Nostrovia, put Mucktup’s bones back into their correct positions, calm Duke down after his run in with an all powerful gentleman, and all while dealing with more of Max’s cocky attitude. Only Max Mozilla could strut into a town, assault the guards, get arrested, and still make it seem like it’s your fault. It’s total disarray, this week on Adventurific!

TFTL: Episode 7 – A Very Moody Christmas

The presents are wrapped and the stockings are hung,

Which means Christmas Time in Moody River has certainly begun!

The townsfolk are cheering and having a ball,

And your favorite rapscallions are up at the mall

Trying to meet Santa is their one desire

But soon, things in town will get exceedingly dire

The gifts are all missing and the ornaments are wrecked

How can anyone have fun with these halls all un-decked?

To put things right and bring back the cheer

Our favorite school kids must stand and persevere!

Can the Gang solve this session’s transgression?

Or will festivities end in depression?

Follow along listener, it’s going to be a blast

Only on this week ‘s Adventurific Podcast!

Starfinder: Episode 7 – Red Guy? More Like Dead Guy

The twists are getting more intense as the Squad learns a very harsh lesson about the consequences of their choices when a mysterious figure tears his way aboard the Nostrovia looking to reclaim his shipment of zombification drugs. Luckily, Mucktup’s quick thinking prevented the poison from falling into the wrong hands…but at what cost? Our mysterious new friend isn’t done yet, as he gets a hold of another one of our heroes, and makes a proposal that could end this adventure before it began! Listen up this week because Adventurific can’t worm it’s way out of this one!

Starfinder: Episode 6 – Pretzel Boy

With the Bar gone, the crew losing their pay day, and Nostrovia needing some serious repairs, it’s time to make a pit stop on an uncivilized planet! First observations seem peaceful enough, but the group decides to split the party in order to explore this new environment. A strange electronic signal, a mysterious settlement, and the aforementioned repairs all grab the attentions of the different teams, and each are hellbent on discovering what secrets…and dangers await them. It’s all about twists and turns, this week on Adventurific!

Starfinder: Episode 5 – Here’s the Deal

Riding high from their first encounter with space combat, the Squad return to the Bar to collect their payment for a job well done! However, when a massive error in communication leads the Squad back into the harsh emptiness of the cosmos, the Dealer may come to find himself as the only hope of survival. Only cooler heads will prevail in this delicate negotiation, but Kenntucky and his itchy trigger finger may have other plans. Meanwhile, Max Mozilla sees an opportunity to push his brand to the next level, and you bet your ass he’s going to take it. Strap on those hockey pads, because this week, Adventurific goes weak at the knees.

Starfinder: Episode 4 – Wing It Commander

After boarding the Nostrovia and capturing the Dealer, the Squad turns back to the Bar to collect their lucrative payday! However, nothing is ever as simple as it seems in deep space, and what starts as a straightforward voyage to safety soon becomes a crash course in galactic warfare! Do these bollixed scofflaws have what it takes to master the controls and stay alive, or will they fair as well as the Nostrovia’s last crew and end up bereft of life? Charge the cannons and brace for impact, this week Adventurific mans the battle stations!

Starfinder: Episode 3 – A Bridge Over Fuddled Waters

Check your deep space atomic clocks, Adventurnauts, because another heart pounding episode of the Adventurific Radio Hour has arrived! This week, the Squad continues their search of the seemingly abandoned Nostrovia, but when the mangled remains of the crew begin advancing, they must work quickly to find the Dealer before the unnerving ranks of the undead overtake them! Will the Squad, with their heads intact, make it back to the Bar with their target, or will they join the sea of bodies floating in darkness of deep space? This week, Adventurific gets locked, loaded, and holy ghosted.

Starfinder: Episode 2 – Meet & Greet Aboard the Meat Lashed Fleet

With the Squad fully assembled and mostly sober, it’s about time to tackle their very first mission…finding the whereabouts of a mysterious conveyor known only as “The Dealer”. But with the only lead an abandoned transport vessel that has taken heavy damage, finding the target will quickly become a fight for life and death…with death already in the lead! It’s the episode you won’t want to miss, as this week, Adventurific lacerates the competition!

Starfinder: Episode 1 – To Infinity

Strap on those heavy boots and pressurize the cabin because we’ve reached the next great frontier. It’s called the Adventurific Radio Hour! Join us as we take the first steps into Starfinder, introduce The Next Generation of heroes, and maybe create a little bit of mischief along the way. All that and more! This week, Adventurific shoots for the moon…and lands among the stars.

TFTL: Episode 6 – Strangers’ Things

It’s Halloween time in Moody River and the Gang is excited to hit the neighborhood trick or treating, hoping to collect those highly coveted king sized candy bars! However, a mysterious new kid and a strange house at the end of the block will lead our group into the most dangerous Halloween party ever, and if things don’t go their way, maybe into Hell itself! This week, Adventurific faces off with Fear!

TFTL: Episode 5 – Be a Sam

It’s been an explosive day in Moody River but after a quick nap and a hearty meal, the Gang is ready to confront the diabolical craftsman behind the mind controlling cylinder that has ensnared all of the adults! Follow us this week as your favorite rambunctious youths frantically work to piece together the clues and save the town from falling into utter chaos. This week, Adventurific faces its fears and stands for what is right!

TFTL: Episode 4 – Take A Nap, You’ll Feel Better

After an “eventful” romp in the woods, the Gang discover a few possible leads in the form of two cables trailing away from the cylinder that has abducted all the adults of Moody River. Will these cables provide the answers into the mysterious cylinder’s origins or at least a way to shut down the infernal machine? No matter what happens, I’m sure it’ll all blow up in their faces. Follow along this week as Adventurific goes through the drawers and makes some shocking discoveries!

TFTL: Episode 3 – Woodlands Wrestling Federation

Only in Moody River can a simple day back to school unfold into a citywide conspiracy involving disappearing adults, mysterious cylinders in the woods, and robotic fisherman hired as security guards. Follow along as the Gang digs deeper into strange happenings plaguing the town, and discover some things they wish they never saw. This week, Adventurific drops elbows and pants all in one glorious episode!

TFTL: Episode 2 – Back 2 School

Ring Ring! The school bell has rung and its time for Adventurific to start its first day with Tales from the Loop! There’s just one problem: All of the faculty at Carl Sagan Middle School seemed to have mysteriously disappeared! As a wave of rambunctious behavior washes throughout the school, a small group of kids must band together to bring order and solve this peculiar predicament. Or they will just use this break of authority to have some good ol’ unsupervised fun? Either way, this week, Adventurific is going to run in the halls and won’t even give a crap!

TFTL: Episode 1 – Welcome to the Loop!

Welcome to the new era of Adventurific…that era being the radical 80’s! Follow us this week as we introduce you to Tales from the Loop and all of the kids that will soon be at the center of some very peculiar mysteries, but hey, that’s just another day in Moody River, MN. This week, Adventurific gets totally tubular!

Episode 31 – C:\EPILOGUE\TOMB2.EXE

The pressure is building and The Tomb of Horrors continues to challenge the Team with some of the worst dangers and traps in the book…and it’s going to take everything the Team has to beat Ace at his own game! So join us as Buckthurn makes a shocking discovery, Pooprat turns up the heat, and Ms. Sunshine bears all. Grab your Power Glove and put up your quarter because this week, Adventurific goes for the High Score!


After saving the universe from total destruction it’s time for a well deserved break, but instead of grubbin’ on some corn dogs and soaking up the sun the Team accept Ace’s challenge to play a brand new virtual reality game! Can the Team overcome the Horrors of this virtual Tomb, or will Ace’s name remain on the top of the leaderboard? This week, Adventurific gets hacked into the mainframe!

Episode 29 – This Is It

It’s all come down to this, The Team has scaled the tower and are about to enter the final battle for the fate of the universe. Can they stop the greatest evil to have ever existed or will everything they’ve ever known fall to the wrath of the Demogorgon? Prepare for some fierce thaumaturgy, intense dimension swapping action, and emotional reunions as our first season of Adventurific draws to it’s explosive conclusion!

Episode 28 – Knob Hill Winery Presents…

The Team have finally arrived at the Demogorgon’s front door, but they are in no way prepared for the madness waiting for them! Will they be able to break into the fortress of pure evil? Maybe, but it may require a little help from a familiar face from Wankmen’s past. Follow us this week for the ups, the downs and all arounds, only on Advenurific…sponsored by Knob Hill Winery.

Episode 27 – Goop Troop

All hands on deck! This week the Team takes the fight to the Sea of Evil itself, Jubilex, and with all the new toys courtesy of the Beholder there’s no telling who or what will survive. With mech suits, card games, and the most useful Cleric ever, you listeners are in for one hell of a battle! This week, Adventurific gets resilient!

Episode 26 – Kevin

The Sea of Evil is writhing with hatred of all things good and the armies of the Underdark stand at the edges of the abyss waiting to push back any dangers that rise from the hellish depths. Meanwhile, a bunch of assholes on a flying boat argue among themselves about who’s package is bigger. Follow us this week as the Team begins their assault on the Demogorgon’s lair, and if I were you, I’d bring a towel, it’s going to get messy. This week, Adventurific gets viscous!

Episode 25 – Beholder? I barely know her!

With the powers of the Dead seemingly now under the control of Spanner (or vice versa) the rest of the team finalize their plan to defeat the Demogorgon once and for all! Before they head out, however, Buckthurn decides to make one last call to an old business associate for some desperately needed extra firepower…a move that not everyone agrees with. So, grab your recently undead loved one and snuggle in tight! The final chapters of the Adventurific DnD campaign have begun!

Episode 24 – Heh Heh, You Said Wand

It’s all come down to this, both the Team and the Crew have finally come together with the common goal of destroying the Demogorgon once and for all! It’s going to take a miracle to but with Spanner still in the possession of the Wand of Orcus our heroes’ chances practically drop to zero. Will this powerful tool split these adventurers apart or will the call for good band them together? This week, Adventurific gets cooperative!