Starfinder: Episode 29 – Whaling and Moaning

Great, just great. All the Squad wanted to do was have a fun day out at the race track, maybe have some laughs, drink some drinks, win a trophy, but no, something as ridiculous and cataclysmic as a flying space whale would show up and devour literally everything and put an end to such a nice vacation. To make matters worse, SOMEBODY (i.e. Kenntucky) has had the grand old idea to fly back INTO the whale! Mutiny? Mutiny. What insane hell will they find inside the belly of the beast? Is there anyone even left alive to be saved? Who knows, but it’s probably going to be something really gross and totally not plot crucial…just saying. Grab the Pepto and toss back some antacids because this week, Adventurific has got just the cure for those rumblie tumblies!