Starfinder: Episode 31 – Teamwork Makes the Spleen Work

When a massive space whale that has the uncanny ability to swallow cities whole develops a strange blockage in its lower intestine, most people would put the beast down or just be digested, on account of being eaten. However, the intrepid crew of the Nostrovia is not most people, they’re way worse! Follow along this week as the Squad gets to work on the plan to remove the mysterious blockage in the Space Whale’s intestine using nothing more than their wits, their charisma, and a few lucky rolls! Will they be able to craft the tools necessary to save this monumental creature or is the Whale going downhill fast and taking our Squad with it? Find out this week on Adventurific, remember, we have the tools and we have the talent! Well…maybe not that much talent and we are down a man…so… just forget I said anything.