Starfinder: Episode 35 – Always Thank the Bus Driver

After a perpetually updating Windows 10 destroyed what was to be considered the greatest Starfinder Podcast in human history, the Adventurific Radio Hour returns this week in all its [COMPLIMENT_SYN_MISSING] glory! The Squad has successfully mingled with all the snobs, silver spooners, and trust fund babies of the Cardigan Club. The time has come for them to formulate a plan to actually kill the old bastards, but with The Hunt quickly approaching, it may require multiple tactics to get the job done successfully. While one plan requires [PLAYER_NAME_NOTFOUND] to do what they do best, the other will ask [PLAYER_NAME_NOTFOUND] to sell out harder than anyone has ever sold out before! So grab your [INCORRECT_OBJECT] and make the [NO_JOKE_LOADED] because this week, it’s [EVENT_TRIGGER_FAILED] and it’s only going down from [PODCAST_DESCRIPTION_FAILED]