Starfinder: Episode 30 – Team Fire and Ice 2.0 Revelations

After last week’s slight detour to Duke’s past, we return to the belly of the beast to check in with the rest of the Squad to see how their unfathomable intestinal odyssey is coming along. Here’s a hint; poorly. Follow us this week as these gastric stowaways band together to discover what ails the giant space whale and become closer friends as a result…then listen to Duke mope and pout, like a bitch. It’s very unlike him, but once you start digging through a whale’s Intestines, all rules are off. Grab that flamethrower and pop open a cold one, cause this week, Adventurific is blasting straight through the jejunum!

Editor’s Note: There were technically difficulties with Erik’s microphone that were not discovered until after recording…which is especially ironic considering this week’s feedback. Welp. What can you do?