Starfinder: Episode 15 – More Verite, Less Woodshedding

Put the hatchlings to bed and re-tune your Glorbtube enabled holo-visors because it’s time for another installment of the hottest game show in Absalom Station: “Hey, Don’t Get Your Friend Killed”! The hunt for the keys rages on with Mucktup bursting a drum, Kenntucky carrying a dead weight, CLANK hanging in there, Duke being sent to the dog house, Max getting roasted, and Slasher making one hell of a mess! With this much drama and violence, what we are doing should be considered illegal! (We were informed by our lawyers that we need to LEGALLY remind you that this show IS, in fact, highly ILLEGAL.) So, prime that A-Roll and bump that B-Roll, because it’s only gold, this week on Adventurific!