Starfinder: Episode 34 – Posh AF

Pull up your rare, endangered Zeruka fur lined Chaise lounge and have one of those dirty servants open the finest bottle of Whis-kay because it’s time for a brand new episode of the Adventurific Radio Hour! The Squad have just returned from one of the most dangerous missions of their lives, and have received an even MORE dangerous mission; parenthood! Also, they’ve been asked to kill the head of a rival weapons company, but hey, what else is new? Now everyone is getting into costume and going undercover at the swankiest party in the galaxy in order to learn as much as they can about their target. One of the things they find, and must do to not blow their cover, may involve acts not everyone in the group are totally comfortable with! Let’s just say SOMEONE should have picked a better disguise than “Nanny”. It may not always be the most appropriate show in town, but it’s always a class act, this week on Adventurific!