Starfinder: Episode 17 – Strike the Set

Strap into your favorite Glovorian, heat-treated, relaxation sphere because this week’s season finale of “Hey, Don’t Get Your Friend Killed!” will certainly be cemented as the single greatest episode of any sociopathic reality television show since “Eat This Grenade!” It’s coming down to the wire for the remaining members of the Squad as Kenntucky and CLANK dig in to find the final few keys to free Mucktup! However, just as things seem to be going their way, the show turns up the heat to a furious level and things start going downhill fast! Will they pull ahead, or will Mucktup’s final moments be broadcast for the whole galaxy to see? All we can say is it will certainly be entertaining! It’s a nonstop thrill ride to the end, with ACTION, SUSPENCE, HORROR, and ROMANCE, all in this week’s episode of Adventurific!