Starfinder: Episode 44 – Mike Drop

We’ve had a lot of fun last week experimenting with the vast rainbow of space cocaine, but like most out of control yayo fiestas, it’s time for the spickens to come home to roost, or in our case, an outrageous matter-bending space ostrich coming home to bring a vengeful ex-conspirator back for some well deserved retribution! We are in the deep red this week on the Adventurific Radio Hour as C.L.A.N.K. struggles to keep all of Duke’s blood in the inside of Duke and fight off the advances of an old flame, Muck struggles to keep Nostrovia in the air and keep heat on the ground, Kenntucky struggles to break free of the shackles that are currently keeping him safe in the MedBay, and Slasher struggles to keep her streak of suspicious silence going! I don’t want to ruin any of the suspense but I should warn you, by the end of this episode, an employee of the NBC will not be making it back! So, grab your favorite nondescript vile of stimulants, and inject that silly bastard between your toes, because we are all hands on deck, this week on Adventurific!