Starfinder: Episode 43 – Don’t Get Cocky

I want to be serious for a moment. We joke around a lot, but in this episode of the Adventurific Radio Hour we tackle a very serious problem that some may find disturbing or unpleasant; the fact that Mucktup may actually be the most qualified person to captain the good ship Nostrovia! I know it sounds insane, but with C.L.A.N.K., Duke, and the rebellious staff of the Cardigan Club fighting off wave after wave of the undead, Slasher continuing her vow of silence, and Kenntucky failing to resist the urge to fall back into the arms of sweet lady Space Cocaine, it’ll be up to everyone’s favorite franken-rodent to stop the onslaught of tentacle controlled freaks and get everyone off the planet alive and as hard as Muck may try, saving everyone may not be as easy as Captain Spaceship made it out to be! So, set out some premium cat food and aim for the head, because this week on Adventurific, we break rule number one and get high off our own supply!