Starfinder: Episode 45 – Cats Outta the Bag

No matter how long you’ve known someone, travelled light years across the stars with them, been through hell and back with them by your side, even your closest friends and family may have some skeletons hidden deep within in their closets, and we here at the Adventurific Radio Hour totally f@#%ing love secret skellingtons! After completely obliterating a mansion full of stuck up assholes, the mansion itself and a guy who had the hots for our Science Officer/CFO, it’s time for Crew of the Nostrovia to chill out, sober up, and enjoy the sweet fruits of their labor! However, when a covert Space Militia knocks on Nos’s back door and reveals that one of his passengers hasn’t been entirely truthful about their motivations, the unsettling news threatens to dismantle the fragile hierarchy the Crew have built for themselves and send the ship into sheer chaos! All that and an important meet and greet with Mucktup’s new friends, which certainly isn’t going to be any sorts of awkward! So splash some cold water on your face and wipe the dried blood from your nose, because this week on Adventurific, you’ve got some new neighbors to impress!