Starfinder: Episode 42 – Habeas Corpses

What you are about to listen to is real. The unwilling participants are not actors. They are the actual martyrs who have already either been wrapped up in some ridiculous assassination attempt or been forced to appear in a Kangaroo Kourt with two very biased sides. Both parties in the suit have “agreed” to appear before our fair but completely unqualified judge and have their beefs settled here, in our forum: The Adventurific Radio Hour… Court. Come along this week as Duke and CLANK make a mockery of the justice system, Muck goes to his safe place, and Kenntucky takes a stab at firing a bigger gun than he’s use to, and Slasher is suspiciously quiet…wonder what she’s up to? So grab yourself a big tall glass of Premium Catfood and lower the BAR considerably because this week on Adventurific, we are taking the phrase “Contempt of Court” to a whole new level!