Welcome, Adventurnauts!

If you’re here this early, chances are you have some questions: What the shit is Adventurific? Where are all the episodes? What’s that smell?

Adventurific is a DnD real play podcast! Yay! Another one! We’re a group of six misanthropes and one masochistic DM fumbling around a tabletop. We hope our hijinx are as entertaining for you as they are for us.

We’re quickly approaching the release of our inaugural episode. Provided everything goes smoothly (let’s be honest, it won’t), you can expect to hear our sultry voices penetrating your ear holes before the end of the month. Our aim will be to release an episode every week thereafter, so sit back, crack a window, and prepare to be…adventured?…advented?…whatever. Fuck it.

– The Adventurific Crew