AI: Episode 17 – Mine Over Matter

Deep within the bowels of the Earth there are miles and miles of untapped resources just waiting for a team of hard working citizens to salvage from the depths and supply the rest of us with wealth and valuables beyond our wildest dreams. However, if those hard working citizens start mysteriously disappearing, it starts affecting the bottom line, and in a world of profit and numbers, that ain’t good. So you call in the best team you can find, and…you can probably see where I am going with all this… Join us this week on Adventurific as we trudge our asses all the way up into the hills to figure out why a bunch of 9-to-5ers have decided to go against company policy and end up missing. Knowing our luck, it’ll probably be because some spooky ass curse or some conspiracy. Either way, we will definitely be in way over our heads. So grab your hardhat and don’t let OSHA know we aren’t fully licensed, because this week on Adventurific, you either run or watch your ass get run over.