AI: Episode 13 – Italian Yum Yum Disk, THROW!

I want to be PERFECTLY clear about something: We here at Adventurific DO NOT condone the use of drugs or drug-like substances and if you know of people who do, you should report them immediately….

Are the cops gone? Good.

On this week’s intoxicating episode of Adventurific, the Company looks a little deeper into the ill-gotten gains of last week’s pseudo heist, become a little bit stronger using the power of commerce, and once they reach the next level of critical thinking; they are able to bring one of the greatest inventions ever known to man into the fantasy realm of D&D. Will it make sense canonically? Probably not, but that has never stopped us before. So grab that weird looking vase, and only take half of it at first because on this week’s Adventurific, it’s probably best to do that outside. I don’t want that smell in the house.