Starfinder: Episode 61 – And Beyond!

Almost two years ago, an unlikely group of assholes came together to find a broken ship and hopefully make a quick buck, but after all the insults, the backstabbing, the petty squabbling, the casual relations, the blood, the guts, the bullets and the corpses, this group of assholes is the only thing left standing between everything and oblivion! Please join us on the Starfinder finale of the Adventurific Radio Hour as the Squad push back one last time with everything they got in attempt to stop the purest incarnation of evil from devouring everything in the galaxy! Their bodies are broken, and their minds are just as fragile, but can they hold themselves together long enough to finally put an end to Red Guy’s terror, or is all life in the universe just as dead as they are? So, strap in one last time and prepare for take-off as we set sail to the action packed finale in Season One of Starfinder; only on Adventurific!