Starfinder: Episode 54 – Cease and Die-Sist

The once calm streets fill with the hungry un-dead, the air is thick with the smell of destruction, and the ONLY thing standing between the complete consumption of every living thing in the galaxy is an unlikely squad of morons and the giant mech they barely know how to pilot! Join us this week as the battle of Absolom Station continues, with Muck still deciphering the mysteries of the doctor’s Giant Robot, and everyone else doing their best to take down the unholy corpse of the building they once called home! Can the squad become one fully functioning unit and stop the Red Guy from decimating the entire populous, or are they already on a one way street to the grave?! It’s going to be a thrilling episode, so grab a good friend and may Ibra guide you, because this week on Adventurific, synchronization is go!