Starfinder: Episode 47 – Two Days

Okay, here’s the deal; The Squad has survived a giant lake leech, an entire dinner party’s worth of zombies and intense questioning from one of the deadliest armed forces in the galaxy! The hard part is over! So now it’s just a simple two day trip back to Absolom Station…with each other…and they are almost out of booze… Ibra help us. Follow along this week as the valiant crew of the Nostrovia is forced to spend 48 grueling hours together as they make their way back home! No monsters, no intergalactic threats, just a few “friends” killing time with fun time-killing activities like a lesson in Kenntucky’s Old Fashioned Bait n’ Switch, making toilet gin, and finding out what CLANK is hiding in her boots! Plus a secret is revealed about Duke that is so intense, it’ll shake this group to its core, and no one will be the same after! So grab your painkillers and make sure that they are all still in there, because this week, Adventurific is totally not a pyramid scheme!