TFTL: Episode 16 – Coal Shoot

It all started as a simple day off of school; grab some sleep, play outside, check out the angry mob at the mall, but things quickly took a turn for the festively obscure when an elf from a magical protection agency arrives and calls upon Moody River’s favorite gang of miscreants to put aside their childish winter games and fight for the future of Christmas itself! The Gang has been recruited to look tough and stand guard during a local skinflint’s personal Christmas Carol, but while everything seems to be going according to old Charlie’s classic tale, things will soon take a turn for the violent and only get more deadly from there! However, even equipped with the greatest tech this side of the North Pole, not everyone involved will walk away from this yuletide adventure with their Holly Jolly Spirit intact! So grab a fresh steaming cup of Hot Choco and take a big ol’ sip way too soon because this week Adventurific is taking the cheap shot and totally not rolling a one!