AI: Episode 1 – Terms and Conditions

Grab your squid hat and crack open a fresh health potion because Adventurific returns with a fresh coat of paint, some pristine new characters, a baby-faced DM, and an ALL NEW setting as we leave the emptiness of space behind for the vast and fertile landscape of Dungeon & Dragons! Yes, we have returned to the motherland! Tune in this week as our characters do the obligatory “stand up and say something about yourself” routine, we learn how annoying it is to start your own business, and hit the streets to mess with the faceless NPC’s that populate this frozen town, and I know what you are thinking, “Are they already goofing off? Why can’t they take anything seriously?” One, yes and two, we are Adventurific. We cannot. So put on your best tie and remember to fill out all the necessary forms, because this week Adventurific is back and we are totally prepared to ACTUALLY follow the rules this time!