TFTL: Episode 19 – Summer Camp Part II: What Lies Beneath the Lake

Camp can be a tough thing for a child to deal with. It’s a new place, with unfamiliar faces who boss around, making them do nonsense activities all for the amusements of lazy counselors who would MUCH rather be smoking dope and literally doing anything else. Now take that and pile on a mysterious shape at the bottom of the lake, multiplied by the fact it’s in Moody River. Things are about to get REALLY strange on this week’s Adventurific as the Gang from Moody River continues enjoying their summer vacation at Camp WannaMcGuffin, all while attempting to discover whatever secrets the lake holds. However, there’s always more hidden in the shadows and things are about to get truly, truly outrageous for the Gang, let’s just hope they can handle it! So grab your bow and make sure not to play with fire because on this week’s Tales from the Loop finale, you never know what’s out there in the darkness until it gets you first!