TFTL: Episode 7 – A Very Moody Christmas

The presents are wrapped and the stockings are hung,

Which means Christmas Time in Moody River has certainly begun!

The townsfolk are cheering and having a ball,

And your favorite rapscallions are up at the mall

Trying to meet Santa is their one desire

But soon, things in town will get exceedingly dire

The gifts are all missing and the ornaments are wrecked

How can anyone have fun with these halls all un-decked?

To put things right and bring back the cheer

Our favorite school kids must stand and persevere!

Can the Gang solve this session’s transgression?

Or will festivities end in depression?

Follow along listener, it’s going to be a blast

Only on this week ‘s Adventurific Podcast!

Starfinder: Episode 7 – Red Guy? More Like Dead Guy

The twists are getting more intense as the Squad learns a very harsh lesson about the consequences of their choices when a mysterious figure tears his way aboard the Nostrovia looking to reclaim his shipment of zombification drugs. Luckily, Mucktup’s quick thinking prevented the poison from falling into the wrong hands…but at what cost? Our mysterious new friend isn’t done yet, as he gets a hold of another one of our heroes, and makes a proposal that could end this adventure before it began! Listen up this week because Adventurific can’t worm it’s way out of this one!

Starfinder: Episode 6 – Pretzel Boy

With the Bar gone, the crew losing their pay day, and Nostrovia needing some serious repairs, it’s time to make a pit stop on an uncivilized planet! First observations seem peaceful enough, but the group decides to split the party in order to explore this new environment. A strange electronic signal, a mysterious settlement, and the aforementioned repairs all grab the attentions of the different teams, and each are hellbent on discovering what secrets…and dangers await them. It’s all about twists and turns, this week on Adventurific!

Starfinder: Episode 5 – Here’s the Deal

Riding high from their first encounter with space combat, the Squad return to the Bar to collect their payment for a job well done! However, when a massive error in communication leads the Squad back into the harsh emptiness of the cosmos, the Dealer may come to find himself as the only hope of survival. Only cooler heads will prevail in this delicate negotiation, but Kenntucky and his itchy trigger finger may have other plans. Meanwhile, Max Mozilla sees an opportunity to push his brand to the next level, and you bet your ass he’s going to take it. Strap on those hockey pads, because this week, Adventurific goes weak at the knees.