Episode 28 – Knob Hill Winery Presents…

The Team have finally arrived at the Demogorgon’s front door, but they are in no way prepared for the madness waiting for them! Will they be able to break into the fortress of pure evil? Maybe, but it may require a little help from a familiar face from Wankmen’s past. Follow us this week for the ups, the downs and all arounds, only on Advenurific…sponsored by Knob Hill Winery.

Episode 27 – Goop Troop

All hands on deck! This week the Team takes the fight to the Sea of Evil itself, Jubilex, and with all the new toys courtesy of the Beholder there’s no telling who or what will survive. With mech suits, card games, and the most useful Cleric ever, you listeners are in for one hell of a battle! This week, Adventurific gets resilient!

Episode 26 – Kevin

The Sea of Evil is writhing with hatred of all things good and the armies of the Underdark stand at the edges of the abyss waiting to push back any dangers that rise from the hellish depths. Meanwhile, a bunch of assholes on a flying boat argue among themselves about who’s package is bigger. Follow us this week as the Team begins their assault on the Demogorgon’s lair, and if I were you, I’d bring a towel, it’s going to get messy. This week, Adventurific gets viscous!

Episode 25 – Beholder? I barely know her!

With the powers of the Dead seemingly now under the control of Spanner (or vice versa) the rest of the team finalize their plan to defeat the Demogorgon once and for all! Before they head out, however, Buckthurn decides to make one last call to an old business associate for some desperately needed extra firepower…a move that not everyone agrees with. So, grab your recently undead loved one and snuggle in tight! The final chapters of the Adventurific DnD campaign have begun!