Episode 13 – Frosty Hole

It’s becoming clear that something unusual is happening to the citizens of Frosty Hole and the further the crew investigates, the stranger the mystery gets. Follow them this week as Kennedy fights back against the Elderly, Norm stands up to some local ruffians, and the Pooprat continues to drink with his smug sense of self-righteousness. Dinosaurs become the least of their concerns, this week on Adventurific!

Episode 12 – Are We Goin’ to the Pizza Store?!

The Gamma World crew is back in action! Their memories have been restored and they’ve been given the most important mission of their lives! Hold on tight, because it’s off to a strangely familiar tundra to do battle with Evil Incarnate itself, however, an army of insane Jurassic farm animals are standing in their way and it’s going to take everything the crew has to put these ultimate predators down for good! The dawning of a new age of Adventurific is here!

Episode 11 – Richard!

A great evil has awoken and dragged the team into darkness. Now, six new heroes of old must gather to stop the looming threat. However, the long journey to this plane has caused them great anguish, and it’s going to take some familiar faces, an old shotgun and some cherry pie to replace the pieces of forgotten past. Things get nostalgic, this week on Adventurific!

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Episode 10 – ReLeAsE mE

It’s been a long road but the team has finally made it into the temple. As they traverse deeper inside, the challenges become tougher, the creatures become more vicious, and prospects of space camp and a free bike fade away. Can the team overcome, or will their souls be lost forever? Looks like you may have to listen to find out…