Episode 9 – Defending Those Held

After a few confrontations with the mysterious ghost children of the Fog, the team reach the Temple, but as they take their first steps inside, it becomes clear that this temple is home to more dangers that anyone could have possibly imagined. Will the team make it out alive or will The Fog take a few more victims?

Episode 7 – Wankman Let Go of the Rope

After almost being eaten alive by a bean, the team finally begins the journey into the mysterious jungle at the edge of the desert. But with Raven a bear and Spanner oblivious, hidden dangers await our heroes at every corner. What secrets await in this land of the lost? You’ll just have to listen to find out…

Episode 6 – rawr.

This week, before the excursion into the mysterious jungle, the team takes a moment to form a plan of attack. However, the term “curiosity killed the cat” is tested as our heroes turn a quick breakfast into a battle of life and death. Meanwhile, Spanner must make the ultimate choice; joining in on all the fun or suffering the consequences of leaving his room early. This is the episode that truly breaks new ground!